The craze for money is corrupting moral values

Cash Money Bank 'The lack of money can make you lose your friends, family, marriage'

Tue, 22 Aug 2017 Source: Simon Aikins

Being without money is one thing I wouldn't wish for even my enemy. The lack of money can make you lose your friends, family, marriage and also hinder your ability to perform well in every aspect of your life. The pressures of life can lead you to do the unthinkable just to have money in your pocket. If you have ever experienced hunger pangs, loss of job, terminal disease, you would appreciate the importance of money in the life of man. Money is a necessary evil but I believe it must be made the right way.

Below are some of the easiest but dangerous ways to get rich:

Politics: Politics I believe is a way of solving problems of society. In our part of the world, it is a sure bet to enrich ourselves at the expense of the nation. Politicians will do anything and everything to win and stay in power just to plunder. Monies meant for developing the nation end up in the offshore accounts of politicians. Who do I blame? I blame the citizens who have made politicians demigods. We do not meticulously scrutinise politicians before giving them our mandate. It is the reason why we are still wallowing in poverty even with all the natural resources available to us.

Joining the clergy: I am increasingly getting worried about the rate at which churches are springing up. Ordinarily,I should be glad that people have become serious about their salvation but a critical assessment of some churches should tell you that its existence is purely for financial gain. Some preachers do not deserve to stand behind a pulpit when you listen to them. They are either pitching parents against their children or breaking marriages just to rake in some money. Being a "Man of God" is a profession which doesn't need a certificate to practice. This has given room for charlatans to explore this weakness to play on the intelligence of their followers. Anyway, who am I to judge?

Drugs: This is one of quickest ways some people are exploiting to make money. Some people live a life of opulence as a result of their drug dealings. Sometimes, you wonder how they are able to transport their illegal drugs offshore. Do they do that in connivance with our security officials or our security is so porous that they sail through at will? People join the drug trade and within a twinkle of an eye, they start controlling millions of cedis. This has made it a very attractive venture and it is drugging the name of the country through the mud and eroding our moral values as a people. My worry is the youth who are being used to peddle this drugs. Our future is really blur!

Cybercrime: Popularly called "Sakawa" is really crippling the society. Again, my worry has to do with the youth involved. You enter an internet café, and you see kids behind computers trying hard to scam unknowing victims. What is the motivation? Young people want to get rich overnight without breaking a sweat. They want to drive the latest fast cars, own mansions and have all the beautiful girls. Who doesn't want to have all these? What is nobler than working so hard to achieve these wishes? Some have even resorted to rituals to achieve this audacious ambition. This country is really in a mess.

Armed robbery: On daily basis, the front pages of various newspapers are awashed with robbery cases. People are robbed at gunpoint and all their life savings are taken. Sometimes you wonder where we got it wrong. The desire to get rich quick is alarming and if care is not taken, our country will be a lawless country.

It is good to have money in order to solve our problems but have we pondered to ask ourselves whether our insatiable desire for it is leading us onto the right path? Some blame the system for our woes and I perfectly agree with them. But aren't we part of the system? If we all decide to work hard and eschew corrupt practices and attitudes, our dear country will thrive and truly be the gateway to Africa. You may be enjoying your illegally acquired wealth, but have you thought of being arrested or losing your life in the process of illegally making your money? Let us all strive to mould our country the way we want it for our future leaders to have a smooth take off.

Columnist: Simon Aikins