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The defilement of children

Rapevictim Rape file photo

Wed, 25 Oct 2017 Source: Arthur K

Ghana is atwitter again about an outrage to our laws and collective decency.

We will whine for a few days about children being defiled and the perpetrators being absolved by the Gods-- and then we will move on-- proud about this showpiece of a country whose motto is "Freedom and Justice"!

I thought the Gods were righteous and just? Is that not what makes us fear Antoa and Tigare and Akonodi? Mind you, this issue goes to rape and sexual harassment. If we can tolerate this outrage against children, what shall we not tolerate against adult women?

We should be angry, appalled and ashamed of a nation that tolerates this.

This is a nation that has had two women in a row as Chief Justice and two in a row as Attorney General as we can countenance this?

In the 21st century?

Don't any of the police in the area have children?

Has the IGP seen this? Has the Minister of Interior seen this?

The female Attorney General?

The female activists who have been making noise about women and their advancement should be descending on Assin Fosu to demand justice-- with their male sympathizers. The emancipation of women should mean more than putting a few token women in positions of power and privilege. It should mean the right of ordinary women to live freely and to enjoy the protections explicit in our constitution, implied by our motto and enforced by all civilized nations.

Finally, if the Gods of Assin or anywhere are confused about the meaning of justice, they should confer with Antoa, Tigare and others and embrace "Freedom and Justice " or return to ancient Ghana.

Columnist: Arthur K