Congratulatory letter to the Vice Chancellor of KNUST

Professor Kwasi Obiri Danso KNUST VC Kwasi Obiri-Danso, Vice Chancellor of KNUST

Sun, 19 Nov 2017 Source: Iddrisu Abdul Hakeem

Within a stone throw distance from where I sat in the 'free shuttle,' I eavesdropped some colleague students I guessed were Continentals, (of course, Katangis always add voice to values) praising you sir for "working like a demon" since you assumed power as the Vice Chancellor of this Laboratory of Leadership (KNUST).

Indeed, as Adolf Hitler once observed, leadership is the ability to get into the minds of the people and make them act the way you want"

Sir, with your reservoir and wealth of experience in academia as NOT an armchair professor, "an academic child" like me must not teach you who a leader is but our men of old say the "kids of a guineafowl must not crawl if their mother flies." Being your student affords me the opportunity to "regurgitate" what I have learned about leadership under you in this Temple of Knowledge.

Sir, a leader is someone who provides for those he or she leads.

A leader creates an environment that is relatively secure for the led.

Prof., leadership is the ability to exhibit meekness without weakness.

A complete definition of leadership, according to Iddrisu Abdul Hakeem, is "Vice Chancellor of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Professor Kwasi Obiri Danso, with his unparalleled eloquence, clairvoyance, being down-to-earth, and magnanimous towards his led"

This is a leader who took over the baton of leadership from his predecessor and before we could say Jack, he transformed the whole campus!

That is indeed an indelible mark earmarked as your legacy in the sands of time and it would certainly be captured on the honorable pages of our history books as a proclaimed top university in Africa with global endorsement in Science and Technology.

Sir, I therefore want to, on behalf of my fellow clean minded students of KNUST, seize the golden and rarest opportunity to thank you elephantly and hippopotamusly for the chunk of successes you've chalked so far; from doing of roads to fixing of streetlights, including establishment of Bus Stops, renovation of buildings, the initiation of the "aide free shuttle" system, the all mighty gadgets (Access Machines) placed at our entrances to put an end to the needless harassments, unfortunate encroachments, and the frequent unnecessary bombardments of non-students in our Halls of residence and Hostels, and a host of other developmental packages we are not aware of that are ongoing.

This is indeed a "Path of Restoration", a campaign slogan that was trumpeted by our current SRC president from the undulating planes of the Law Faculty, to the zigzag areas of the Business School in search for votes.

In fact, many of us believed he (SRC president) did not even understand what it really meant to be on the Path Restoration.

We thank God to have you as our VC defining leadership in practical terms.

Sir, I did not ask how you are faring because I know it is certain like the Satan's place in Hell, that you are better than good by the permission of the Necessarily Existent Being, the Uncaused Cause, the Unmoved Mover, and the Constant Participator in the affairs of humankind.

Barely a month ago sir, I wrote an Open Letter to the president of the republic, His Excellency Nana Akufo Ado, which was published on Ghanaweb, pointing out to him how few undesirable elements of corruption in his government were thwarting his efforts as anti corruption president with democratic credentials.

Few Ghanaians who thought I must be a PhD holder before contributing my quota for national development, lambasted me and thought I was just a "useless untamed charter's box" with unpatriotic aim to verbally take the president to the cleaners for no apparent reason.

If Americans were waiting for Mark Zuckerbeg to attain forty years with doctorate degree we would not have Facebook.

Corruption which has become a recurring decimal in many administrations across the African continent is what's triggering the unpardonable levels of mismanagement that has culminated into untold hardships we are witnessing in many jurisdictions around us both far and near.

Sir, you working like the president Nana Ado's government must be borne out of efficient, effective, strategic, honest, and mature management of the meager resources of the University.

You deserve more than a compliment and recommendation to continue with the good work Sir.

If we look around us and consider what is really happening in other institutions; how their leaders are milking them like cow, and the honest leadership displayed here by you, it would be an ingratitude at its apex on our part, disincentive, and a great disservice to leadership in general, if we fail as your students to acknowledge your efforts in this Intellectual Shrine.

Let me also acknowledge the vibrant, vigilant, diligent, and competent team of your entourage who are working very hard with you in the administration.

Sir, I want to bring to your notice that, students of KNUST, both current and unborn, though still need your most admired service as our greatest servant in the leadership of the university management, we would not be satisfied and happy if you do not serve our fellow Ghanaians at the national level.

You are a presidential material sir, and you must go for it.

We shall support as a branch of your political powerhouse sir.

Congratulations Vice Chancellor of KNUST for exceptional leadership skills exhibited.

Columnist: Iddrisu Abdul Hakeem