The dynamics of political struggle in Ghana

Mon, 25 Jul 2016 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

Ghana’s political landscape was re-shaped by the era and events of the PNDC regime and its aftermath, which Rawlings now want to destroy because his wife did not win the Presidential Primaries at Sunyani in 2011. Divisions started in the PNDC between the Left and grass root activists on one side and Jerry Rawlings and the Military – cum – civilian bureaucracy on the other side the forces for change increased on the side of the opposition to the PNDC. Right from the beginning, a section of the Left was attacked by the PDNC as a carry forward of a conflict which had emerged in the AFRC between former Chairman Rawlings and his former spokesman/ deputy chairman Boakye Djain in 1979.

It was followed by the arrest of the leadership of the Movement on National Affairs (Monas) who were in the same organization with Boakye Djan in February 1982. The rank and file of that organization joined the supporters of the PNDC and some also left the country. Again in November and December 1982, some members of the June Four Movement, the United Front and the People’s Revolutionary League of Ghana were picked up by National Security for questioning because of their zealous publicity against the PNDC regime’s “U” turn for accepting to drink the IMF quinine – Those IMF / World bank killer polices that never brought economic relief to ANY African nation since its inception. Comrade Kwame Adjima from the Volta Regional Secretariat of the June Four Movement was shot dead in cold blood along side five other dissidents on June 19th 1983 for campaigning against the PNDC turning to the IMF. He was shot by a PNDCmember whose name I will not mention and that was the very day that Cpl. Alidu Gyiwa nearly toppled the PNDC government that year.

Running the state is more complicated than just holding political positions, writing manifestoes, making declarations and shouting slogans as well as discussions in Radio stations.

By 1987 – 1989 the well organized Left which brought Rawlings to power through the June Four Movement in December 1981 has been totally purged from the structure of the PNDC and their organization also shrunk as most members feared prosecution by the PNDC while several members including this writer recoiled into our radical shells. Why Is It So? The area which started Rawlings departure from the Left was that he was frustrated with the state of the economy and was looking out for where immediate help will come from. He would get that immediate help from the Brettonwoods Institutions which are the IMF /World Bank which the June Four Radicals were kicking against by wearing sandals made from lorry tyres as against Western footwear like shoes and Italian sandals.

The PNDC was finally compelled to collect the Economic quinine from the IMF /World Bank and started the Economic Recovery Programme 1 and 2 as the JUNE Four members fell in the line and embraced the Programme without questions. It was rather the Left led opposition which created what is today called the NPP. This also explains why the NPP is so strong in urban working class areas of Tema and Sekondi – Takoradi which is NOT, normally their territory. The Ghanaian Left brought Rawlings to power in December 1981 as Tragedy and then went on to create the violent prone NPP on a silver platter for the Danquah / Busia Cowards as a Farce. The dominant role and contribution of the Left is not surprising because Left wing politics came to dominate the Ghanaian studying youth from 1974 – 1979 so most people who are interested in politics had Leftish association or inclination. Meanwhile, Rawlings wife, Nana Konadu has been fully baptized by the NPP AND SO HER Huge Headgear is full of Anger, Lies, Deceit, Bitterness, Envy, Hatred, Confusion and Aggression. She is now a full blown capitalist swimming in a wide ocean of Raw cash in cedis, Euros and Pound Sterling and Dollars in her capacity as a Comprador Bourgeois and a woman of Steel. It is a fact that the Left always scored an own goal to the Credit of the Right whose culture they operate with. You see, my articles are always Hard Hitting because they are always Laced with Facts including dates and names of political players.

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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement