The electoral nakedness of Charlotte Osei is made public

Charlotte Osei Happy Charlotte Osei Chairperson of the Electoral Commission

Fri, 18 Nov 2016 Source: Adofo, Rockson

By Rockson Adofo

Charlotte Osei, a woman of no principles but sheer wickedness, is by each passing day being exposed. All her plots with NDC to rig Election 2016 in favour of President Mahama and the NDC are being uncovered and negated one by one.

One cannot understand why and how she could have had time to plan all these never-ending plots to rig the election. When one plot is revealed, challenged and negated, she in less than no time comes up with another one. The succession of attempts to implement the plots in their varied forms makes one conclude that she had invested all her time at the Electoral Commission in planning how to rig the election but not doing any good job to ensure free and fair election 2016.

She is indeed a disgrace to womanhood. How can a woman constantly shamelessly lack morality? Is she more interested in the alleged money, bribe of course, and the house in the USA that President Mahama and the NDC have given to her to do a dirty job for them than protecting her integrity?

Does she have any integrity at all? No, she has none! She does not give a darn about the public outcry about her deplorably corrupt behaviour that has the potential to cause mayhem in the country.

The wind for change that is blowing is so intense that the nonsense by Charlotte Osei is so negligible to pose any resistance to it. The wind will clear away any obstruction from its path regardless of their size. Therefore, she should be careful. She had better refrain from her dubious plans to rather seek to put some morality to her currently outrageous character.

I have always been doubtful about Charlotte Osei vis-à-vis the supposed impartiality of her office as the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission.

Are those highly-placed persons in Ghana aware of this woman’s character that has the likelihood to cause violence in Ghana should she not desist from stubbornly pursuing her hatched plots to rig the election? If they are aware, what are they doing? I know they are quick to jump onto their feet, with some in their pyjama running to radio stations clamouring as they go along, “we need peace, we need peace”. If they actually need peace, it is now the time to advise, or put pressure on, Charlotte Osei, that shameful woman, to stop her tricks and plots to rig the election.

There cannot be peace where there is no justice. Justice comes before peace, please take note. We start from one before we go on to count two but not the vice versa. Therefore, we have to pursue justice before we acquire peace but not the other way round. It is about time those peace-seekers warned her and her sponsors to cease all their planned evil acts against the good citizens of Ghana for no matter what they do, God has turned His back to President Mahama and the NDC.

President Mahama and NDC will be voted out of office of which no number of attempts of intimidations and plots to rig the election will work for them. The more they try to, the deeper they will get themselves into a deep hole of disaster.

Shame on Charlotte Osei, the modern day Jezebel of Ghana. Everybody has seen her, a disgrace to the womb that conceived her and a blot on womanhood.

Resist the devil and it shall flee, so the bible says. Therefore, we have to oppose her and she will crumble, that devil of modern times!

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson
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