The end of the matter; rest in peace

Rawlings With Madiba Photo Frame The late Jerry John Rawlings

Fri, 29 Jan 2021 Source: Reindolf Amankwa

For the past four days, Ghana and her international friends mourned a departed legend. His name, Jerry John Rawlings (Flight Lieutenant Retired).

In grieve and in black we mourned. A single identity devoid of partisan political colours coloured our gathering.

Papa J, as he was affectionately called is no more. The man who once slept at peace in the Castle of Castles, guarded by military whilst himself a soldier today lay low in a six feet hole.

Notwithstanding the funfair, the beauty and sweet worded tributes poured in by different personalities including those who once called him a barking dog; deliberately trained and unleashed the unprovoked wrath of some babies with sharp teeth to drag Papa J's statesmanship into the muddy waters, the man J.J Rawlings goes, never to return.

But, there is a historical legacy left behind. They crowded him with the best of slogans, one of them, they say; The Legend Lives On. Truly, he is a legend to be remembered. He shall never die in our books. He shall never die in our archives. He shall forever remain a man of service whose name we can mention to counsel our generation and the generations to come.

No matter how greatly his legendary deeds live on, the fact remains one and simple; the end of the matter for all men is the message "Rest In Peace". The end, none knows but we hope for the best of it. Rest In Peace Papa J. Damirefa Due Ne Ghana Amanehunu!

Columnist: Reindolf Amankwa