The enigma of governance in Ghana....

Wed, 9 Oct 2013 Source: Rabiu, Alhassan

"An objective mind is always at rest whereas subjective ones struggle to find meaning to what they know has no string to hang on......."

In publishing thoughts as this, I must confess that there is enormous difficulty in reconciling what the politician, both within and without your political orientation expects you to write or speak and this. Grounded fact however is that, objective thinking must not be a respecter of "political absurdities", hence my feeling is free.

The essence of governance in every sense of it, is not to "pay back" the citizen because they voted for "you" but to serve them unconditionally to improve their living conditions. Such unconditional service in countries where governance is clearly defined is dictatored by Policy Frameworks, Policy Directions and Policy Objectives which clearly are a product of effective and efficient Public Policy Analyses. In such jurisdictions such as USA, Canada, Britain, Germany, Spain China, Malaysia, etc, issues of national development are not merely matters that politicians play partisan cards with. Not just because of the fear of being voted out but because it is their responsibility to serve diligently, every citizen of the state; poor, rich, weak, strong,...........!

In Ghana however, governance is practicalised with considerable regard to the following political idiosyncrasies; -Rhetoric -Let's just try something(feasible or not) because we made a campaign promise. -Winner-takes-all mentality -Political sabotage and vindictiveness -Selfishness -Turning politics into a profitable vocation or occupation or "business" entity

These and many are the driving forces behind our governance system, leaving the ordinary citizen to wonder if there is any such institution called government, charged with the responsibility of citizen welfare. Sadly, the very institution entrusted with this very all-important responsibility tends to behave as what I describe as "VAMPIRES OF OUR TIME" devouring the very people from whom they draw their power.

In effect, the people of Ghana can have a feel of what governance really is if our political leaders, whether in government or opposition adopt a radical approach that seeks the welfare of the citizen as the supreme goal of government. Until such time..... we will continue to muddle along the paths of blame game without making any real progress.

I'm not in any way for perfection, but I affirm my unshaken belief that if successive governments including my own were striving candidly to give governance its real meaning, the people would have trusted to hope. It therefore will be fundamentally irresponsible to think that we are ok with what has been our trademark of leadership since independence. Long have we lingered in this situation where our governments have been largely maladroit in governance of the country, yet we pretend as though all has been well because of partisan addiction.

The positive effect of governance can only be felt by the ordinary citizen if the latter is seen by the government as the very reason it (government) exists. The existential significance of governance will have no place in society if there continues to be a disconnect between government and the governed in terms of fulfilling the former's end of the bargain.

Let's learn from our mistakes. We have a long way to go, and in order to move forward, let's rethink "GOVERNANCE".

Alhassan Rabiu

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Columnist: Rabiu, Alhassan