The enigmatic police commander and the Krofrom chaos

Nathan Kofi Nathan Kofi Boakye, Ashanti Regional Police Commander DCOP

Tue, 7 Jun 2016 Source: Stephen Zoure

Power they say corrupts, but absolute power corrupts absolutely.

We all seemed confused and utterly dismay about who you are actually serving. Are you serving the people you’ve sworn an oath to protect? Or you’re just playing to the gallery of your pay masters, political godfathers and cronies?

Mr. Commander, some of us are getting curious about your real intent lately.

But wait, i have some questions for your attention:

First, would you have said same if the alleged brutalities by your men were committed by a civilian? Because that has always being your mantra; that no one is above the law. Which is aptly spelt out in Article 17(all persons shall be equal before the law).

Secondly, what was the motive of your men by dumping the victim’s body at the entrance of Manhyia hospital? Can we or are we right to infer that they were running away from a crime they have committed? Your guess is as good as mine. Because your men is on record to have bolted after they’ve dumped the body at the hospital entrance according to the account relayed by the hospital security man.

Thirdly, is it proper and legally prudent to delink the so-called autopsy report from the brutalities meted out to the victim? So as to deal with the brutalities separately and adequately.

Ironically, with all these palpable and vivid evidence at stake(you can even call it circumstantial evidence), you chose to go ballistic and wayward. Issuing scathing warning and threat to the very community who has suffered such a great lost. That, should anybody dare to pour onto the street again, you’re going to apply all the necessary force to counter them (emphasis mine) wow!!! Necessary force?

Mr. Commander, the timing of your self-induced bravado and unnecessary ranting is wrong and poorly managed. What were you thinking of? coward us into submission or what?

Please, be reminded that you’re not dealing with cowards and imbeciles. You as a person is subjected to law yourself. Instead, the sovereignty of Ghana resides in the people in whose name and for whose welfare powers emanate. (Article 1 of 1992 constitution).

Sir, we are not oblivious and aloof about our constitutional rights as enshrined in Article 21(a) which talks extensively about freedom of expression, and Article 21(d) which gives us the right of assembly and possession(demonstration) whenever necessary. We do not even require the permission of the police to demonstrate, rather we are obliged to inform the police. As required by section 1 of the Public Order Act 1994(Act 491).

Infra, NPP v IGP[1993-94]. Sir, you’re a lawyer and you ought to know better than me.

Now, let’s come to the autopsy report: Mr. Commander, assuming Osei Tawiah (the victim) died of a natural death as against our suspicions, are you now inferring that, that should materially ends this matter? No. I do not think so sir.

I know very well that, as a lawyer, you’re aware and has read a lot about this common principle in law called "you take your victim as you find him”. This principle operate to bar perpetrator from relying on the victim ailment, disease, special circumstance as a defence.

So, assuming the victim was already suffering from a terminal ailment-alone will not be in any way as a defense to your officers. They have to bring him back as they find him regardless of any disease as your people are claiming. This is because you cannot break or ignore the line of causation when it comes to criminal prosecutions. Chain of causation must always be set clearly.

Lastly, sir your level of arrogance and entrenchment of your views is shooting off the roof. Kumasi people deserve better. Ashanti deserve better than this. We thought you are one of our own, that was the reason we accorded you all the necessary respect, motivation, and logistical support.

Instead of reciprocity of gesture from you, you are gradually turning your back against us for reasons best known to you.

Never be deceived about your present situation, but be conscious and mindful about the future occurrence.


Columnist: Stephen Zoure