The evil and greedy NDC kingpins at Aflao.

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Sat, 4 Oct 2014 Source: Yawose, John

· The story in Aflao municipality is mind-boggling.

· Is it that Aflao municipality is now choked with 36 petrol filling stations presently?

· Aflao should tell me whether it has the traffic volume in the municipality which will be serviced with the 36 filling stations.

· Is the fuel demand in 36 stations that great for the available traffic?

· Birds are singing all over that the filling stations belong to the Ewe NDC kingpins---greedy nitwits—unpatriotic bastards.

· They are conduits smuggling fuel to Togoland.

· Togbes , Togbis in Eweland, I urge you not to tolerate these dastard rape of Ghana on your land

· Where is the traffic in Aflao to demand fuel in these 36 filling stations?

· All they do is to smuggle petrol and other brands of fuel in tanks to Lome, Togo—hourly, daily, weekly, monthly.

· There, they sell the smuggled fuel for profit and undermine Ghana economy.

· Then they turn round to blame Ashantis for Ghana’s woes.

· These false accusers must be exposed.

· Wicked citizens these NDC commentators from Volta; schooled from childhood to hate Ashantis for no apparent reason.

· Where is the traffic in Aflao to demand fuel in these 36 filling stations?

· And the Ghanaian border guards, soldiers and police just look on for the perpetuation of these evil deeds.

· The security forces are willing partners in the criminal acts. I challenge them

· I will just refuse to support or keep quiet about activities of these brigands because I am an Ewe.

· I am a christian and a patriot of high moral worth

· I give them notice. I am not part of their satanic doings.

· They blame others but never themselves.

· They blame Ashantis as saboteurs and never themselves

· They are fifth columnists with envious and fascist brains.

· Volta; tell me the traffic volume which is being serviced with the 36 filling stations in Aflao?

· They just rape consciousness of decent personalities and patriots with reprehensible inhuman behaviour, damnable diabolical doings.

· They should be smoked out. They should be exposed.

· It is amazing. With this damnable selfism, they still want Ghanaians to vote for them again in 2016.Because Ghanaians have short memories-------yoooo, yooooo, yoooo

· They want to bamboozle the people and use new National Identification methods to rope in Togolese to vote for them.

· They will want to rule again and again using anti-Ashanti sentiments

· They will fail.

· Mahama/NDC steeped in selfishness, recklessness and indecency.

· Akufo Ado/NPP steeped in selflessness, order and decency

· The struggle continues--- more exposures to come.

· Let us get ready to sing dirges for these NDC greedy bastards at Aflao

· Get ready to r-u-m-b-le, come 2016

Columnist: Yawose, John