The fall of a frog in front, is a sign of caution.

Sat, 17 Jan 2015 Source: Blege, Alex

“…Stroke of my pen: The fall of a frog in front, is a sign of caution.

Alex Blege.

The stories that we read speaks poignantly to us in how we face the vicissitudes that show up as we move in age, education and any personal development stage.

One story I remembered reading while I was in class five, was “Mr. Frog and his two friends- the Sparrows. The Sparrows were neighbours to Mr. Frog. During a famine the Sparrows flew to a different island where there was enough food and water. The Sparrows being good neighbours came to tell their neighbour – Mr. Frog. A day was set for Mr. Frog to go to the island where there was enough food and water for everyone.

Mr. Frog couldn’t fly. It was decided that the Sparrows will take a stick which Mr. Frog will hold in his mouth and be flown to the island of plenty. As Mr. Frog was in the air, with his mouth holding onto to the stick, he saw his friend, the Tortoise.

Mr. Frog, in a show of good neighbourliness wanted to greet his friend and inform him that he was off to an island where there was plenty of food and water.

No sooner than Mr. Frog opened his mouth that he found himself on the ground with a broken neck, back and limbs- he was dead…” This story comes to mind as the current issue of very influential people getting into one trouble or the other.

No matter, the status of one, the likelihood of falling into one trouble or the other is high. Sometimes, the level that one gets contributes to the forgetfulness of getting into trouble. You know what they say, ‘trouble has no horns’ it comes at the least expectation.

But, underlying the above story is the alleged rape case of ace broadcaster, Kwesi Kyei Darkwah. I remember him very well when he was hosting KKD 45 on GTV. Those days my grandfather who was in love with the Queen’s language will allow me to watch programmes which have hosts rattling the English Language with such beauty. I remember that black and white television- the brand was PRESIDENT.

Another programme was Sports Highlight hosted by Kwabena Yeboah; hmm, that man charmed my grandfather and me with how quickly he licked his lips and spoke without erm.., erm…

Back to Kwesi Kyei Darkwah, his hair cut, his sharp look in his suite was just a reason to watch him. I didn’t have any deep understanding of what he was doing but it endeared me to love journalism. In fact, I enjoyed the music that followed after he speaks.

But after sometime, I never heard of him until I met him when I was GIJ, in 2009. This was when a research paper authored by one of my former lecturers, Kweku Rockson. I saw and admired him once again as I used to do as a boy.

On that very day when the news broke, I watched it on TV3. I got frozen. All of a sudden, I couldn’t continue eating and I had goose bumps all over me. As the story developed, I got more interested and wanted to know whether it was just a hoax. No, it was real and true.

But my interest is not whether it was true or not; my interest is that what gives you pleasure can cause problems for you. And this has always been the Achilles’ heels of all men. Initially, Kwaw Kese was the one in the eye of the storm; all of a sudden KKD takes over, all morning shows, newspapers, television stations did not miss a moment following KKD’s story- prominence.

KKD said it was consensual. It brought some fear into me, why? a woman could say yes in a moment and say, ‘I said no.’ During this period Sammy Awuku who was on the Supermorning show, made a statement, “this is a warning to all the guys out there”. It could happen to anybody.

KKD had achieved all the glory that comes along with been professional and good at what he does- broadcasting. He was up there, looked up to in media circles and when it comes to looking good he knew how to get on the right clothes.

But within a twinkle of an eye, some kind of pleasure brought his image down like Mr. Frog. To all the other guys out there whatever you are involved in or if you keep conquering, one day you might get conquered- anybody can be in KKD’s shoe.

In Ola Rotimi’s, “The gods are not to blame” Odewale, the protagonist at the height of his demise made a statement, when a frog falls in a pit, others behind him take caution.

Take Caution Man!

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Columnist: Blege, Alex