The fault in our Stars

Sun, 28 Sep 2014 Source: Adeola Babatunde

The disappointing show of the Black Stars in Brazil did not only underline the problems affecting the team but it rather opened the minds of many Ghanaians to the ‘FAULT IN OUR STARS’.

The fault which dates back to the 1990s when Abedi ‘PELE’ Ayew and Anthony Yeboah, two heavy weights of the then national team formed factions that affected team unity and yielded personal success in all aspects of its definition - both named African Footballer of the year. That team with an iota of doubt outlined the script to what’s manifesting in our current Black Stars.

Brazil 2014 was bookmarked by me and so many Ghanaians home and abroad to be a tournament where the stars would lighten the streets of Rio de Janeiro, grace the wonderful turf of the great Maracana stadium as well as bring smiles to the children in the slums of Favela.

Qualification from the group stages would have seen the Black Stars march on to the pinnacle of football where they would have rubbed shoulders with heavy weights of national team football. Brazil, Germany and the Netherland all making it to the semi finals.

Brazil 2014 spelt the flaws in our managerial strength as officials of the Ghana Football Association used this tournament to enrich their pockets if the commission of enquiry is to be the yardstick. Elvis Afriyie- Ankrah’s testimony to the commission and his rather emotional breakdown in tears clearly exposes the weaknesses of our leaders when put to the sword.

The headline of Thursday, 18th September of the Daily Sports ’IM YET TO RECEIVE SACK LETTER’ clearly outlined the wealth of disgust exhibited by the GFA and its inability to dissolve the contract it entered with its employee, the disgust was further aggravated when coach Kwesi Appiah learnt of his dismissal through social media and was handed his dismissal letter days later.

A quick research shows bad management from the sports ministry, player insubordination, abysmal and disappointing organisation by the GFA, government intervention [failed promises] and the substantial believe in expatriate coaches only halted the progress of our valuable team in Brazil. Coach Kwesi Appiah was also not spared the wrath as his tactical know how was questioned - many thought he lost control of the dressing room.

Morocco 2015 though months away will assess how far we have learnt as a nation and how prepared we might be to host AFCON 2017.

Source: Adeola Babatunde