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The global elites and the rise of Trump

Donald Trump Addresses The Crowd During A Campaign Rally In Grand Rapids, Michigan US Republican Candidate, Donald Trump

Wed, 2 Nov 2016 Source: Kobina Arthur Kennedy

US business magnate Donald Trump is on the verge of pulling off a political miracle. If he succeeds, it will have little to do with who he is, besides the fact that he is not a global elitist.

Mr. Trump has defined the global elites as "powerful corporations, media elites and political dynasties".

He just missed the Professoriate of the leading universities. The global elites, according to Peggy Noonan, do not see themselves as citizens of America--- or any other country. To be fair, they have been around, in different forms for some time.

They were the founding fathers of the IMF, the World Bank and the UN. The global elites have been the light of the world for some time. And they have done some good things.

But now, fuelled by an alliance of Republicans interested solely in profits and Democrats interested in global dominance, they do and stand for some strange things: 1: Free Trade 2: Open borders 3: Redefinition of marriage away from what it has meant for centuries 4: decriminalization of drugs

You get the picture.

And the masses have been protesting. The modern version of these protests started with Occupy Wall Street in September 2011, in Zuccotti Park, in Wall Street district of New York. It has been followed, with pauses, by the Tea Party movement, others, Brexit and finally, the rise of Trump.

Indeed, this rebellion is not limited to the West. It was the refusal to follow the guidance of the global elites that propelled Mugabe to power in Zimbabwe and helped elect Uhuru Kenyatta in 2013 in Kenya despite being under indictment for the murder of hundreds of Kenyans.

The case of the global elites is not helped by the tendency to label whoever stands in their way as "sexists", "racists", xenophobes" " ignoramuses" etc

As he roused the discontented, urging them to " imagine how much better our future can be if we declare independence from those who have led us to one financial disaster and foreign policy disaster after another".

When God wanted to start the most enduring revolution in history, he chose a carpenter's son.

Regardless of how Mr. Trump does, it is time for the global elites to listen to the masses and become, once more citizens of their individual countries. Let there be a return to commonsense and common values.

Otherwise, there will be more rebellions that will create more Trumps.

Columnist: Kobina Arthur Kennedy