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RE: Food sovereignty Ghana not against GMO introduction

RE: Food sovereignty Ghana not against GMO introduction

Wed, 15 Apr 2015 Source: Food Sovereignty Ghana

My attention has been drawn to an online publication on GBC website http://gbcghana.com/1.2690167 purporting to have quoted me as stating that Food Sovereignty Ghana is not against GMOs.

I wish to state emphatically that the GBC reportage is inaccurate and that I have grossly been misquoted towards the furtherance of a malicious agenda by elements who seek to forcefully impose GMO foods on our country.

Genetically Modified Foods and seeds poses a grave danger to the ability of the state of Ghana to control its foods and it will most definitely have deleterious effect on the health of people of Ghana.

Food Sovereignty Ghana (FSG) reaffirms its opposition to the introduction of Genetically Modified Foods and it is against the Confined Field Trials of Genetically Modified seeds currently being conducted by the CSIR and SARI.

I therefore call for an outright retraction of the story and distance myself from the reportage associated to me.


Isaac Winful Dadzie Secretary Food Sovereignty Ghana

Columnist: Food Sovereignty Ghana