The hypocrisy and dishonesty of NDC pseudo revolutionaries

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Tue, 27 Mar 2018 Source: Kwaku Badu

Of course, the NDC loyalists would never agree with some of us for persistently analysing the current affairs through the lenses of the past. But I am afraid we cannot make sense of the present happenings if we refused to take stock of the past events.

Why won’t some of us shriek, censure and highlight the revoltingly risible tendencies of the so-called devotees of the 31st December 1981 revolution?

Quite ironically, the supporters of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), a party that born out of a series of coup d’états, have been pathetically holding on to the Nkrumaists tradition.

Such behaviour is shameful and ignoble because as far as Ghanaians are concerned, the NDC Party was founded on the ideals of their coup making founder J. J. Rawlings (detailed in Article 6 of their party constitution), who had no defined ideology back then.

It would, however, appear that the NDC Party loyalists are not content with their coup making past, hence seeking refuge in the Nkrumaists tradition.

Somehow, the NDC Party apparatchiks have over the years been hoodwinking and proselytising unsuspecting Ghanaians to believing that the NDC Party is a subsidiary of the Nkrumaists tradition. How bizarre?

But the fact of the matter is that the NDC Party was founded on the ideals of coup making enthusiast J. J. Rawlings, who was a novice in the political terrain and did not share in the ideology of CPP and its founder, Dr Nkrumah.

It is, however, worth mentioning that the founders of the NDC Party, who gleefully staged a series of coup d’états, rather chose communist approach to ensuring sanity to the system, hence torturing and annihilating innocent people without any provocation whatsoever.

Take, for example, in their desperate, albeit callous attempt to get rid of the alleged sleazes and corruption back then, the NDC founders unjustifiably tortured and exterminated many innocent Ghanaians for apparent minimal offences.

When the revolutionary enthusiasts (the founders of NDC) burst onto the scene, they tempestuously tortured and murdered people with more than two vehicles.

However, the same revolutionary enthusiasts are hypocritically in possession of not less than two vehicles per household.

Shockingly, the vast majority of house owners were punished severely for having more than one toilet facility in their homes.

But the last time I checked, the vast majority of the so-called revolutionaries have uncountable toilet facilities in their luxurious mansions.

Moreover, the founders of the NDC impertinently exhibited their communist ideals by going into war with business men and women in the country.

The founders of NDC, regrettably, tortured and murdered innocent business men and women, many of whom were bizarrely accused for legally borrowing meagre sums of money from banks to support their businesses.

Strangely, however, the so-called revolutionaries who repugnantly collapsed innocent peoples businesses now own business outlets all over the place.

Some innocent business men and women, so to speak, were abhorrently humiliated and their businesses were either seized or destroyed by the despotic NDC founders.

Worst of all, billions of cedis (in 50 cedi denominations) were seized from ordinary Ghanaians without trace.

The NDC founders, ironically, replaced our educational system with that of a communist model, while deceitfully turned round and sent their children abroad to study in what they saw as a superior educational system.

Given the extent of hypocrisy and dishonesty, why must it be surprising to see the NDC apparatchiks vehemently opposing the poverty interventions such as free SHS, one village one dam, a million dollar per constituency amongst others?

Well, identifying one’s self as a revolutionary enthusiast, or for that matter, an ideologue of transparency, probity and accountability, is not a bad idea. But it somehow becomes extremely troubling and hypocritical when a group of people who claim to be the exponents of such ethos would then turn round and dip their hands into the national coffers as if tomorrow will never come. How pathetic?

K. Badu, UK.

Columnist: Kwaku Badu