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Tue, 22 Nov 2016 Source: Sarpeah, Adu

Arguably, choosing between "life and peace" as keen elements money cannot buy, the latter stands supreme. The United Nations Security Agency has tried all possible means hoping to find a perfect solution to restore the world peace, but to no avail!

The UN works to maintain international peace and security in a world where security threats have become more complex. Although the organization has had many successes, there are also, unfortunately, several recent tragic cases where the United Nations has not been so successful. Thousands of people have died around the world as a result of conflicts in recent times.

Meaning when the peace cup is broken, the crack can never be repaired to look like as it used to be. Currently, the only thing an average Ghanaian can boast of is "PEACE" in the midst of poverty, greediness, lies and deceit on the part of the politicians they've entrusted with their resources. With this, our hope as a people is always rekindled as one could wake up from his snoring sleep to see the twilight of the day without hearing the disturbing sounds of guns and military convoy.

This makes Ghanaians to have the conviction that, Ghana is God chosen country"! Nonetheless, the people of Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Liberia, Sudan, Somalia, Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, were all created by this same God, therefore, care must be taken not to abuse the national peace at hand. Ghana would have been part of the world most envious countries in the world in terms of development if not because of partisan politics.

No political party or aspirant is worth dying for if you're a mentally sound Ghanaian. It's senseless to fight for someone who only recognizes your relevance when it's time for elections.

For all you know, the sons and daughters of Nana Akuffo Addo, John Dramani Mahama, Ivor Kobina Greenstreet, Papa Kwesi Nduom, Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings, Jacob Osei Yeboah may not even vote in the elections.

Some of these sons and daughters of the various presidential aspirants never schooled in Ghana. Meaning, our political leaders don't even value our educational system and practices. So if you're schooling under trees without chalks to write and you have the conviction beyond doubt to shed blood because of NPP or NDC, you may be mentally sick!

It's high time the youth must admit that putting their hopes in a political candidate is a thing of the past. For no Ghanaian government is ready to put money in your bank account without working for it.

Even now that we have peace in the country, there's no government recruitment for graduates from the various institutions. Imagine when there's war in the country, what are you going to do with the certificate you claim to have? No matter what the situation may be, just one out of the various political parties will be declared victorious in the impending general elections. If so, as party supporters, let's all prepare to accept whatever the outcome of the impending election will be because losing presidential race doesnt mean the end of the world.

We live in a part of Africa where we're surrounded by number of French speaking countries. Ask yourself, if there's war, where will you run to? This must even serve as a caution to Ghanaians to uphold tightly the peace they've at hand. Already, our politicians are playing raffle with the natural resources we have with the Europeans exchanging it with cheap loans.

And when there's war in Ghana, it means all our resources will be taken freely by these Europeans. Likewise, one serious effect about war is that is can send a country 50 years back in retrogression. Because, by the time the war will come under control, majority of the energetic people in the country will be dead, all the capital resources and infrastructures in the country will be destroyed as a result of the war.

Imagine the number of years it will take Ghana to restore all these lost glories. The effects of war are serious and too dreadful to describe them with mere words. Before the war in Sierra Leone, Libya, Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda, these countries used to be the most peaceful and beautiful countries to live in the world. But in the name of the dreadful thing called war, man became an enemy to man. The cries of humanity became the melody to the ears as the day go by in the land of the various worn-torn countries.

Factually, nothing is more painful than to live in your own country as a refugee. Families torn apart, love seizes, no trust in friendship, everybody is seen as a traitor when war breaks out in a country, man simply becomes an enemy to man. The aged, females (mothers) and children suffers the most. There's no doubt that war is an evil act.

It's the greatest catastrophe that can befall on human beings. It brings death and destruction, merciless slaughter and butchery, diseases and starvation, poverty and ruin when it's wake. One has only to think of the havoc that war has brought into the various countries not many years ago, in order to stimulate the destructive effects of it. War is something no Ghanaian must even dreamt of in his or her snoring sleep to hit our motherland.

Despite the poverty in the country, Ghana has been accorded as one of the most hospitable nation in the world who shows care and concern to their neighbor. Therefore, with less than 16 days to the journey to the polls, let's all preach about peace. Words that will trigger tempers must be shunned away from. There's no way we can all belong to one party.

Remember, everybody got choices! When somebody doesn't believe in your political aspirant or party policies, he/she isn't your enemy! Let's continue to prove to the world that Ghana is indeed a beacon of peace and hope for the rest of the nations. Recently in USA, Donald Trump won the elections, even though a lot of people were against it, but no one is fussing and fighting any one over it.

That's the beauty of democracy and what "The Impact Crew" is expecting to happen in Ghana coming December 7 especially among the youths. Therefore, the insults, threats, and the intimidations associated with our politics must come to a halt.

More importantly, NO Ghanaian politician or party is worth shedding our blood even a little drop of our precious blood for any of them. At least, in the midst of all the hardships, we can boast of PEACE, so let's value it as such. Election 2016 is all about PEACE, so vote for peace and let peace be the winner. The Impact Crew stands for peace, what about you?

Adu Sarpeah


Columnist: Sarpeah, Adu
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