The impending doctors' strike is in order

Mon, 8 Jun 2015 Source: Yawose, John

1. The Ghana Medical Association is threatening an industrial action in July if its members' conditions of service are not negotiated and signed by June ending.

2. Refer:-https://www.ghanaweb.com/GhanaHomePage/NewsArchive/artikel.php?ID=360346

3. The impending doctors' strike is in order. This makes a lot of sense to me

4. UTAG, POTAG, NAGRAT, TEWU, pharmacists, engineers and nurses and other professionals should follow suit

5. I will tell you why

6. Because the military and the police ie the security forces had it all in the SSSS.

7. Military persons get fat fat fat pays monthly to the extent that Majors and Lieutenants and Sergeants of less than 5 years standing get more than Senior doctors and other professionals in the civil and public services of even more than 20 years standing monthly.

8. At the same time, Mahama administration wants to rub hot pepper and ginger in the eyes of the doctors/UTAG, POTAG etc by withdrawing their little allowances –premium, book, research etc.

9. Insensitive Mahama wants doctors and professionals to forfeit their allowances and still keep quiet and just take the little from SSSS. Then they will retire with small pension sums as well.

10. On the other hand the allowances of the security services have been consolidated into fat SSSS and consequently gargantuan pension sums.

11. It is from this backdrop that the doctors want negotiation for conditions of service by the end of June. They gave this notice 4 months ago. Their call is legitimate.

12. They have been fighting insensitive and greedy Mahama over this since SSSS was introduced in 2010

13. Somebody should tell wicked Mahama and his NDC that the doctors and other professionals will never allow themselves to be sacrificed under any conditions because of the interest of the useless military.

14. After all, the military is presently useless and are just being pampered. And they just go on peacekeeping duties and collect huge allowances there, come back and collect still fat fat fat SSSS monthly, and finally fat fat lump sums for pension. Their useless political appointees and propagandists likewise collect huge salaries and huge pensions in just 4 years

15. The doctors no go sit down make them cheat them every day no nono no.

16. The Mahama government's Agbadza and Azonto dances over the issue will not work.

17. The doctors' fire will burn Mahama.

18. The fires of POTAG, UTAG, TEWU, NAGRAT, Pharmacists, and Engineers etc. will follow suit

John Yawose

Columnist: Yawose, John