When political actors become liars

Tue, 4 Jul 2017 Source: Nana Kyei

In the recent past, many Ghanaians have witnessed abject lies, deceptions, naked propaganda, impunity and ugly political trajectories in our body politics. Many are those who have lost hope and faith in the system and are therefore hanging on to themselves and their convictions for survival.

To some, politics is a reserved avocation for men with the heart of the devil while others see politics as a platform for legal plunder, arena where thievery is legitimised by the mights of power holders but my views on politics are no different from the its proper rendition from a liberal perspective.

As l sit to review the complexities lurking beneath the notion that power handlers in this country are comitted to eradicate corruption from the system, my spine numbs with extreme cold considering the spate of resurgence of dubious and shady transactions running around.

We live in a country where the few elites in politics rigorously pursue subtle financial insurrection against the state using political parties as a cover and my frustrations as a young man pregnant with beautiful dreams keep growing uncontrollably.

The appalling waves of barbaric inundations sweeping over NKRUMAH's Ghana awake concerns within all well meaning Ghanaians across the world.

A ten year old boy once approached me and asked me a question, a question l couldnt impress his satisfaction with my answers and since date l have been lingering on what could have been the proper answer to his simple question.

His question was simple, "Ivan do we ( Ghanaians) have men with sterling honesty of purpose, men of unquestionable character, men with unwavering moral tenacity whom we can rely on in our dark days in our political landscape?"

In fact, l was literally overwhelmed, l kept interrogating myself what might have triggered such a thinking from such a young boy whose understanding of politics isn't that much profound.

I said to him, l understand we have men of intellectual wits, men who have excelled with the brilliance of pen and good speech, fathers and mothers who understand morality and honesty but unfortunately most of them have sacrificed these beautiful attributes for partisan expediency.

Loyalty to party interest far out-weigh that of the state. The very picture on his face after answering him was that of incredulity, his eyes were coloured with the aura of bleak for the future as walked away.

him from a different perspective if you have had similar opportunity because considering the erratic behaviour of most politicians in Ghana every questions about their conducts will naturally draw multiple answers and elicit controversies.

Infilteration of lies and deceptions into the conduct and handling of state business and other related transaction renders our situation a desperate one which requires immediate address.Let's review some current issues on our political radar.

Prior to the 2016 elections, the then candidate and his running mate ,now president and vice, Nana Addo and Dr.Bawumia, chastised the Mahama-led administration over loans solicited from allies abroad.

In fact, the duo held series of press conferences on numerous occasions singing sweetheart choruses about abundance of money in Ghana to their followers. "Ghana is rich, we do not need loans, l have worked at the Bank of Ghana before and l know where the monies are"--Dr. Bawumia.

Fast forward to 2017, the two at the helm of affairs in just few months, they are close to cut a loan deal with the Chinese government after the shady $2.25 million the finance minister single-handedly contracted from a US based firm after truncating all constitutional procedures required to land a loan.

This alleged $19billion loan facility from China,if indeed true, because Dr. Bawumia is the last person to trust his words, he's known for his erratic tongue, will be a disaster for an economy that is struggling to pull through tough entanglement.

What is currently true is, the state sponsored 116 delegations to China over this alleged loan facility, this $19billion loan facility will be the largest single loan ever contracted in the history of Ghana, and the most bizzare aspect of the whole development is that details of this transactions are kept secret from Ghanaians to learn exactly what Ghana is mortgaging as a collateral for the deal.

Bawumia and co. now have the moral courage to talk to Ghanaians about going for.

a loan, what a shame. Dr Bawumia in the run up to the 2016 elections posited Ghana's dept to GDP ratio at 72%, nothing has changed in accordance with Bawumia's own economic statistics so far, he's now raising $19billion, so the question every Ghanaian will be seeking answers for is what will be our dept to GDP ratio if this snake-deal pull through.

He has the moral enfontry to talk about loans at all, politics is indeed a joke in this country. These are characters who consistently taint the image of politicians with disdain and impunity.This is the height of intellectual dishonesty in modern politics.

If Bawumia has the moral energy to chase loans as a Vice President of Ghana after been reduced to a mere stooge at the corridors of power, then the devil equally can gather moral tenacity to force his way through heaven gates for redemption on judgement day and God will not even blink.

Another drama, the comic twerks of the npp government keep spinning, there are videos circulating on various social platforms, videos of undeniable evidential confirmation where Nana Addo mounted the stage at Nkoranza and other cities in B/A and.

Promised individuals who under dubious circumstances got swindled by the popular DKM, God is love financial scam.

The truth is that, the NDC administration poorly handled the delicate sitution which eventually culminated in the party's abysmal performance in the region.

Bank of Ghana with oversight responsibility sat aloof and watched a broad day robery, that alone would naturally make the government in power complicit and many expected certain serious measures rolled out to attenuate the woes of victims however gullible they acted.

The situation was a disaster just like any other unfortunate natural occurance hence government intervention in such extraordinary circumstances was indispensable but that was not the case, government actors then got into tug of war with the opposition over the matter trading accusations, naturally the opposition would want to harvest genuine public sentiment forelectoral expediency.

The rhetorics of some members in the previous administration angered many in the region and those frustrations were translated into voting which eventually got the NDC kicked out and l believe the lessons to be learnt from that ugly development is overwhelming.

To the opposition then, the npp, the woes of the victims presented a veritable electoral advantage, all they had to do was to whip genuine sentitments of victims,their families and sympathizers to play their electoral cards, and they did just that.

Nana-Addo promised a refund for all victims, all they had to do was vote him into office, low and behold, he got their votes and won, few days later his finance minister stood before parliament and denied, the npp ever promising any refund for victims.

This how they played victims, as we speak millions of Ghanaians have their life savings locked up in God is Love micro finance and only God knows what the hell is happening there, nobody is even talking about it anymore.

This is how far deception has rigged our system, power handlers see voters as bunch of ignoramus and non-dercerning and can use them anytime for their convenience.

Until the populace come together, pants down the excesses of partisan loyalty and tell these greedy brigadiers that enough is enough and patching national interest, the ordinary Ghanaian will remain in modern day slavery and servitude working to enrich the greedy few and their families all in the name of some nasty partisan loyalty, many are those whom, out of crass ignorance, are on their way to become matyrs of stupidity under certain misguided sense of political allegiance.

Let's all rise and build the dilapidated moral sphere of our political structure, that's the only way we can genuinely ask and demand

accountability from the corridors of power.

The bible is my witness...

Columnist: Nana Kyei