The inaccessibility of network service in Nandom district is retarding progress

Telcos  File of mobile networks in Ghana

Fri, 31 Aug 2018 Source: Raphael Derbie

There is no gainsaying that technology has contributed enormously to the development of Ghana and the rest of the world at large. The invention of mobile phones is one of the aspects of technology that is widely patronised across the length and breadth of the world.

About 98% of Ghanaians are mobile phones users. This has indeed transmogrified our country and gave a significant facelift to the business industry in the country. People of all walks of life are using mobile phones to facilitate their work.

Mobile phones has actually ameliorated the bustle and hustle we used to go through in some time past in our quest to communicate with relatives and friends at a distant. We used to write letters to friends and relatives who we could not talk to directly because of distance. It used to take days, weeks and months before our letters were replied.

Today, the invention of mobile phones has undone that stress and delay we used to go through. Immediate feedback is very paramount in all spheres of life. Mobile phones has made it possible for us to get immediate feedback irrespective of where one finds oneself. This has led to the massive growth and progress our country has made so far.

The above notwithstanding, it is very worrying to note that some parts of our country, Ghana, are still struggling to catch up with their counter-parts as far as development is concerned. It isn't because the people in these districts or villages cannot afford mobile phones but rather, the network service has been very poor and seldomly accessible.

Nandom is located in the Upper West Region of Ghana. It is one of the newly created districts in the region. This is a district that can boast of producing a lot of medical doctors, religious leaders, high profile persons and academicians across the length and breadth of the country and beyond.

Nandom is one of the districts which progress is being seriously retarded by network service. MTN and Vodafone are widely used by the people in the district. It will surprise you to know that most of the villages in this renowned district struggle to access the network of both MTN and Vodafone to make calls. People have to waste working hours as well as their precious time in search of network to make a call. This is pathetic!

This, in actual fact, is drastically reducing productivity as lots of productive working hours is used to searching for network. Farmers and business men and women are losing a lot because they are unable to reach their customers timely for the transportation of goods and services.

This is worst off at my own village called Guo. At this village, people sometimes have to climb trees to enable them access network to place a call. As for using mobile phones or modem to browse, the least said about them.

I am by this article, making a clarion call on the service providers to as a matter urgency help the people of Nandom to also have easy access to their network service. This will in no small way boost the businesses being ran in the district and also make the people comfortable. I suggest more MTN, Vodafone and other service providers to erect more poles at the villages to facilitate the accessibility of network service in the district which will enhance effectiveness and efficiency in our work.

Columnist: Raphael Derbie