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The inherent dangers in being too secretive

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Wed, 17 Feb 2021 Source: Rockson Adofo

Secretiveness is as a means to success as openness is. However, too much of each is unhealthy in the life of a person. They can become inhibitions if overapplied.

When people get to know too much about your life plans, you risk not succeeding. This is because some people can be devilishly jealous to seek your failure in life. This is a known indisputable fact among Ghanaians.

For this reason, many a Ghanaian may choose to hide things from their brothers, sisters, wives and husbands. They will rather confide in outsiders trusted to be their friends.

In many a case, the friends that we trusted end up becoming more wicked and dishonest to us than the close relatives we neglected, hiding things away from them.

Many a Ghanaian residing abroad has trusted a friend to carry out a project for him back home in Ghana only to end being disappointed. Some from case instances available in the public domain end up being killed by these outsiders they so trusted.

Some friends end up squandering the money given to them to do some projects for the owners of the money. When that happens and you question them, they try to resort to every means possible to redeem their image even if it should take them to take you to a juju man or their fake but wicked pastors and prophets.

In all these, please don't be overly secretive towards your own brother, sister, wife or husband. Being overly secretive can in situations be very fatal, especially when you are taken ill.

Tell your family members when the occasion demands that you need their help. This can help avoid the unfortunate occurrences of death and other problems in our life.

Extreme openness or secretiveness is not good. A mid-point between both may do.

Columnist: Rockson Adofo