The lie called “you are irreplaceable”

Kobina Ansah Scribe Kobina Ansah

Fri, 28 Jul 2017 Source: Kobina Ansah

The thing about talent is that it makes us think we are too exceptional for life to ever think of a replacement. One of the biggest lies we oftentimes believe in is that as long as we are overwhelmingly good at what we do, it is obvious that we are irreplaceable.

“You’re irreplaceable” seems a truth to the living but… a lie to the dead. We think another man can’t ever have our place until we die. Sometimes, we assume that as long as we are perceived as doyens in our fields, life will come to a standstill when we are no more.

Uncomfortable truth is that no one is ever irreplaceable. Well, the word ‘irreplaceable’ is even replaceable. As long as every word has a synonym that can perfectly fit its place in its absence, we all have our perfect replacements!

I have read tributes of widowers who wrote that their deceased wives had left an irreparable vacuum in their lives but just two weeks on, another woman had mended their broken heart. I have heard moving tributes at funerals where employers raved on about an employee who had passed on. The next week, they put up a notice in search of someone to take their place.

Thing is, life will move on with or without you. It doesn’t really matter if you discovered another planet but should you pass on someday, your loved ones will weep momentarily and then… move on without you. Your absence will be replaced with something else!

Life has been made to move on with or without you. If life already existed before you came, how else can it stop when you are no more? If people had been living their lives before they met you, why do you think they should stop because you are no longer with them?

Chase your dreams. Passionately follow your heart but when all is said done, make sure to have given yourself enough break. Live all you can in this space of life but don’t forget to leave space to pamper yourself. Be selfish enough to take care of yourself oftentimes. After all, life will still move on in your absence!

Make use of every opportunity that life hurls your way. Be grateful for what you have and hopeful for what you are yet to have. Whatever door life opens for you, know that it’s an opportunity. If you fail to take it up, another will because you are very replaceable.

You are good at what you do. However, others are good, too, if not better. You are qualified for your position but never assume no one can take that position, too. Indeed, you are skilled but note that your absence may create a vacuum… but momentarily. In no time, another will fill your place and no one will ever remember you even existed!

When Queen Vashti failed to show up in King Ahasuerus’ presence, she was quickly replaced with Queen Esther. When Judas messed up, Matthias quickly replaced him. No one is irreplaceable. Wherever you find yourself, be grateful for the opportunity and humble yourself.

In-built within each of us is a conscience of forgetfulness. We are made to naturally forget people. We are made to forget some experiences, no matter how good or bad they may have been.

We all thought we couldn’t live without some people but here we are still breathing many years on without them. We assumed our lives would never have been same again when some opportunities slipped by. However, several years later, we even forget we ever thought like that.

Every moment is replaceable. Every man is replaceable. Regardless of how important we feel, there’s always a replacement for us; sometimes, even a better one. I’m yet to see any position which has been vacant ever since its occupant passed on. I’m yet to come across any life which hasn’t literally moved on ever since they lost someone.

You see, it doesn’t really matter your exploits in this life. It doesn’t matter how many days of mourning your loved ones may give you. Life still has a replacement for you. When others tell you they can’t live without you, just nod and pinch them because they spat a lie in your face.

Your friends will move on if you pass on today. Your school won’t stop running because you are no more. Your employer won’t fold up his business because you passed on. That abusive fiancé won’t stay celibate when you are no more. You are not irreplaceable and you should know that!

There’s nothing new under the Sun. No matter how over-the-top your skills may be, you are not the first person ever to be such talented. Whatever regardless, your wits are not the first of its kind in this world. Just as others preceded you, so shall others follow after you.

Life is a succession where no man is irreplaceable. Stress yourself less. Make sure you have invested in yourself enough. Be certain to have given yourself a good treat. Your absence will announce another’s presence. No matter how much life gifts you, your absence won’t hold it back from moving on.

At your workplace, know that you are replaceable. In your relationship, know that another man or woman can always take your place in your absence. Don’t play god in anyone’s life. Never assume they can’t do anything without you. You are so replaceable.

Regardless of how significant your role is in this life, you can be replaced. Love yourself. Stress yourself less. Life will still move on without you when you stress your way to death!

Columnist: Kobina Ansah