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The logic of compilation of new voters register

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Thu, 18 Jun 2020 Source: Jonathan Mensah

The advice by the seasoned journalist Mr Kwesi Pratt to the Electoral Commission’s chairperson that she must just delete the unqualified names disclosed by her rather than compiling a new voters register shows that education will help to allay the fears of politicians and journalists.

Surely the journalist has a right to know the logic behind the compilation of new voters register and so are all citizens of Ghana.

The journalist thinks the reasons given by the chairperson of the Electoral Commission to support the compilation of new voters register is not convincing.

Deleting the names of people she has disclosed in the current register is not reasonable and would not solve the problem.

This is a recipe for disaster because it will give the opposition NDC party ammunition to use against her of disenfranchisement.

Secondly the current register remains invalid and as such the old problem is still not solved.

Therefore a new Biometric system is required hence the procurement of the Biometric Voter Management System (BVMS).It is vital for the Electoral Commission to restore public confidence in the electoral process with a clean register.

This new system proves to be very useful in cases of electoral fraud related to identity theft in cases where it is impossible to authenticate the voter or when statistics on persons registered to vote have been artificially inflated due to the introduction of fictitious voters. The new system will put an end to identity fraud and document fraud.

This new system makes enrolment and verification solution possible to identify and authenticate each individual.

At long last Ghanaians will be proud of a system that makes the electoral roll secure with the enrolment solution,a system that makes the lists reliable with the automatic deduplication solution and a system that makes the votes more secure with the authentication solution.

The seasoned journalist should be convinced with this information and support the chairperson of the Electoral Commission for her good intentions and also to spread the good news through his medium.

As declared by article 21 of the Universal Declaration of Human rights, voting is a right and taking part in the government of our country is the cornerstone of democracy.

This right can not be exercised without an exhaustive, credible and reliable electoral register. Let us support the electoral commission and their chairperson so that she can fulfill her vision in the interest of the nation.

Columnist: Jonathan Mensah