The most merciful

Wed, 28 Apr 2021 Source: Abdul Rahman Odoi

Oh Lord, grant us the spirit of benevolence. And turn our hearts from malevolence, that we will eschew from withholding the possession of the poor.

Oh Lord, grant us good souls. Souls that attract good and repel evil.

Oh Lord, protect us from the evil of utter darkness, and that within us. A protection which is impenetrable by all sought of strife attacks.

Oh Lord, provide an eternal rest for those who’ve died of COVID-19, terrorist attacks, misfortunes and other calamities. A sleep which is full of serenity, bliss and ardour. Until the final trumpet is blown, grant them Paradise thenceforth.

Oh Lord, bestow on us the sense of brotherliness and togetherness. No form of racial slurs or any unnecessary disputes leading to needless war.

Oh Lord, cement our initiatives of quelling backbiting, gossiping, slandering and calumny. Whoever comes to us with evil of our brethren, help us to not join him in eating the flesh of the brother.

Oh Lord, bless our hustle and grant us legitimate wealth. Whatever we shall touch, may it boom to success. And whoever looks at us with the eyes of rife wickedness, we live him to You.

Oh Lord, bless our fast. That kind of blessing which would fetch us water on the Doom’s Day when there'll be nothing else to drink.

Oh Lord, let our humble effort of paying obeisance be of essence to our parents, neighbours, colleagues, and humanity at large.

Columnist: Abdul Rahman Odoi