The new Sports Minister is the secret of Blackstars winning spree

IKE SPORTS NEW Hon. Isaac Kwame Asiamah,new Sports Minister

Mon, 23 Jan 2017 Source: Raymond Agbonlahor Yeboah

By Raymond Agbonlahor Yeboah

l have now realised bad administration kills the spirit of a football team.

What has changed so much that the team is on song at the ongoing nations cup?The same team and same technical and management team were struggling to win a single match under Edwin Nii Lantey's administration as a sports minister.

The questions are what does the new sports ministry led by Hon. lsaac Asiamah has instilled into the team that the stars are delivering now.Does it mean Nii Lantey and his deputy at the same office lacked the requisite skills to discharge their duty?Blackstars and the new ministry have exposed Nii Lantey and his entourage big time.

Where was Hon.lsaac Asiamah and his sound ministry that Nii Lantey messed up our world cup qualification?As a media, let see the difference between a qualitative leader and talkative but unfunctional leader.

Look at how the new sports ministry is dealing with the team's bonuses issue.Confidential as it is and the action is doing the work more than talking.Now Ghanaians have realised the players deserve any amount due them.

Look at commitment and the zeal of how they are playing.Some of the twi speaking media houses need tutorials about how and when a discussion about a sensitive subject must be discussed on airwaves.How come a radio station who indeed admits serving the nation, discuss unwarranted news at the wrong time a team is holding high the nation's flag somewhere in Gabon.

Every participating country at the tournament also have a local direct sports station as Ghana but the difference between them is whilst they were busy analysing the chances of their team and the opponents ours too were busily discussing the winning bonus of the team.What kind of journalism is that , or is it a ploy to sabotage and distract the attention of the players in order to lose their matches or what.

For the hate of the FA, some journalist has deviated from the ethics of their profession and now going wayward.Now, what, the team is doing well, those so-called local coaches who have forcibly turn themselves as pundits, insulting Avram Grant here and there, what else would they say about him and his tactics.Ghana and Senegal are only two countries who are in advance qualified to a quarter final with two wins in their respective group matches.

let's give praise to where it is due, Grant would win the trophy because no one can challenge what God has said.

Where is that false prophet Gyan the Seer who was making some kwashiorkor prophesies that Ghana would not travel beyond the group stage,He should bow his head in shame because the more you cast doom to the FA and the Black stars the more they prove you wrong so if you can't beat them you rather join them.l said if the FA get good sports ministry they will deliver because there are so many things involved in the game of football especially tournament.

The most pathetic of it is that the media who should have known better some of them were conniving with Nii Lantey in destroying our passion of the nation which is football.

They were inciting the public against the FA using the budget and winning bonuses as a shield.

Ivory Coast set huge budget bigger than any other country in the tournament and still look at their position yet you don't hear a cough about their budget anywhere.

Hon .lsaac Asiamah must choose to work like this till then end and he will succeed,l like his calmness tempo.Some media house are speculating and fabricating false figures about the budget to deceive the public against the FA, the ministry should not mind them, the success of the team is more important than the money spent.Thus why the tournament prize money doesn't much the huge budget some of the big guns at the tournament use.

The technical team led by Grant, Hon.lsaac Asiamah,the sports minister,the GFA presidents,Nyantakyi and his vice G.Afriyi,All the executive committee members at the FA and the stars management committee members,Communication department led by Saani Daara,l say Ayekoo, for where u have reached so far at the ongoing nations cup, we are satisfied with it as a nation.People were crucifying Grant and his selection but look at the talent on display.The most talented Blackstars team l have seen over the years.Keep it up.

Source: Raymond Agbonlahor Yeboah