The next NPP National Youth Organizer should not just be a popular serial caller

Npp Serial Caller Patriotic Agyeman Opambour

Mon, 15 Feb 2021 Source: Agyeman Opambour

Apart from been able to command the grassroots and foot soldiers of the party, the next NPP National Youth Organizer should be a political strategist, a researcher, a critical thinker, and more importantly an experienced Writer who can write to defend the government on both political and economic issues.

This is because, in 2024, the NPP is not going into the race with only the NDC and the other political parties, but also with the various political think tanks, Civil Societies & Organizations, the Academia class among others.

The various party youth activists will have to defend most of the government policies through articles and write-ups.

Serial callers have no significant roles to play in this our contemporary politics. Their work no longer have any serious impact on the "discerning" floating voter.

The Ghanaian youth have become more sophisticated. They don't believe in things that are said to their ears. They believe in what they read by themselves.

The next National Youth Organizer should be an experienced researcher, a political think tank developer. He should be able to analyze political and economic issues and bring to bear the lies and deceits inherent in them especially when coming from the anti-government political think tanks.

But most importantly, The next National Youth Organizer should be a very good lobbyist. He should be able to assist the teeming unemployed party youth to secure jobs and other important opportunities. The major challenge that the many grassroots and footsoldiers of the party face is this attitude of "used and dumped" canker by many of our NPP politicians. They would use the youth during campaigns and pretend not to know them after elections.

The greatest achievement of the next National Youth Organizer would not be the winning of the 2024 general elections but lobbying and creating job opportunities and other important opportunities for the party youth that champion the victories of the party.

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Columnist: Agyeman Opambour
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