The nonsense story of a

M Ar M.anifest and Sarkodie

Wed, 20 Jul 2016 Source: Eric Ziem Bibiebome

Whenever two elephants fight they say it is the ground that suffers but whenever a King and a god battle it out, I am made to remember the days when I used to walk from Labone to the Osu Community library just to read about the Greek mythology and the battles of their gods. Hope you have an idea of the Titanomachy? Trust me, if you don’t then you attended Saito straight hahaha.

Titanomachy was a ten-year series of battles by titans who were seen as the older generation of gods. Those were very complex supreme beings stories and hard to grasp but thanks to Ghana music, one of them has been made simpler to the understanding of everyone including my own Mama who sells Koko at Kosoa.

The first time I became aware of the battle of the supreme beings in the music industry was when I heard Mama arguing with some of her Koko customers about who was right or wrong. I must confess that Mama is very current on national issues because of her small radio which she moves with all the time.

She is my most reliable source of current news and interpretations. How I wish the GJA will recognize her for her unique style of information dissemination. Just like Manasseh Azuri, Mark Okuraku Mantey, Ameyay Debrah, Francis Doku etc who have turned philosophers and are trying to beat the likes of Socrates, Plato, Aristotle in the thinking business, Mama, and her customers also have their own piece of stance regarding the King and the god battle.

Anyway, did I hear Manasseh say we should go and swim in the Korle if we don’t agree with him?

Oh! Manasseh, you too why? Not even the cream used by Bukom flesh can restore ones skin and smell after being baptized in that Korle lavender water.

Mama told me that the battle of the King and god is about a Dadaba boy and a street hustler who has made it big time in life. These two, glued to the mic, are trying to outdo each other in rap.

I must say that Mama is happy with the street hustler who has grown to be a King. She admires his hard effort and the successes attained. That notwithstanding, Mama is very frustrated! Yes, she is.

She does not understand why in this part of the world, people think that those who were born into riches do not have struggles and stories to tell about life. Mama is asking, is it a crime to be a Dadaba? Hmmmmm just remembered the only Dadaba in my local D/A school.

The boy dey flex with his spectacles and obesity. You cannot imagine how I suffered to play my very first ever bricks on his game, not to even talk about riding his BMX bicycle.

I think I agree with Mama on the score that while we need to praise people who hustled on the street to make it in life, we should also not think that Dadabees do not have their own struggles in Life. It is sometimes safe to be a goat in the house of a butcher at night than being a mosquito in the house of the richest man at night.

Well, after listening to Mama on her version of the King and god battle, my interest heightened and I decided to get myself more informed. Truth be told, getting information on this battle is easier than acquiring a driving license or passport in Ghana. Even hardcore political platforms are all doing the King and god discussion.

Pardon me Paul Adom Otchere, was it GTP you were wearing to discuss the King and god story on your Good Evening Ghana program? In fact, the King and the god battle has no size. I will not be surprised if Nana Akufo-Addo has WhatsApped President Mahama to let the BNI call the King and the god to order because they are overshadowing their campaigns. Wow!

How I wish the EC boss disqualifies Mahama and Akufo-Addo and rather let us vote for the King and the god on November 7. I am certain Kennedy Agyapong upon hearing this suggestion will scream Haaaaaaaaaa! at Mrs. Charlotte Osei.

Honorable, my mother the Koko seller says you are an honorable man so please behave like one. Eeiii, now I hear the lawyer of the King has come out to apologize to GTP.

Seriously I think the King who is tagged as the man of the people of the street should rather be the one to cherish anything Ghanaian and not the Dadabee god who has spent more time in the snow.

As my grandfather would always say-What a contrary of contradiction! In case you fail to get the meaning of my grandpa’s expression, then I wonder how you will get the lyrics of the god. They say he buries his message in very deep and heavy language and you only have to be Ghana’s strongest before you can lift his words and understand his message.

But the god too why? Why would you say ‘my stomach is begging for food’ when you could have simply said I am hungry. Maybe that is why the fans of the King and the people on the street do not greatly associate with you. Speaking about expressions, thanks to the King and the god we now have the blended word MANISARK.

Whatever it means I don’t have an idea but I suspect it refers to a battle of giants over a MIC. For the numerous fans who poured the petrol in the fire and we now have an exciting beef between a King and a god, I say clap for yourselves for doing a great job. Because of you people, I have stopped taking my medication at night; all I do is to follow what you guys are saying and I am healed.

I have also replaced you with my morning prayers because your comments are what I read to psyche myself before I step foot into the mess of a world created by our politicians. You the fans of the King and the god have got the country excited; something we wished the Black Stars would give us after spending heavy bonuses on them.

I can assure you that even the IGP who wants to ban social media on the day of our elections is happily following you. My only advice to you is that make sure the IGP does not catch you on November 7.

I love the art and worships creativity. The King and the god are both up there and I love what is going on so far us Ghana music becomes the winner. I believe the King and the god are both deep so let me try to be deep.

If any of them have read Psalm 47:7 which says that “For God is the king of all the earth; sing to him a psalm of praise” they would have known that the King and the god are ONE. After all, if it is the beef between them which is too big for them to share, they should just go to the butcher next door to share it with them.

My name is Eric Ziem and I am the son of the Koko seller. As part of my teaching curriculum; I teach my year 9 students how to write a Nonsense Story. In case you are wondering what it means, you just read one.

Columnist: Eric Ziem Bibiebome