The pastors have gone astray like a sheep without a shepherd

Pastors Gone Astray 8 A file photo of a Christian offering prayers

Mon, 1 Mar 2021 Source: Joel Savage

A pastor is a man of God, who serves as the head of a Christian institution, by showing his followers the right path to follow.

Although pastors are prone to sin themselves, some have been successful with their evangelical work, to remove many from the road of affliction to happiness and success. Through the church, many men have been saved from alcoholism and drug abuse.

Just as the Holy Bible warns that false prophets would arise, the same way false pastors are springing up like mushrooms. As a leader of an institution, pastors are respected in the society, because they are seen as servants of God. But the question is, are pastors doing what God requires from them?

From continent to continent, the story of pastors varies. In Africa, some preaching the word of God, are commonly seen roaming and preaching on the streets, buses, and places for passengers. They claim to have visions and messages from God, to serve the people.

But behind the altar many sleep and enjoy with other people’s wives, carry secret abortions, and involved in continuous defrauding and embezzling of money.

While in Europe and the United States of America, where the grass is greener than that of Africa, pastors continue to abuse children, young boys and girls, and others who had completely gone astray, officiate and bless same-sex marriages.

“Father, forgive them, for they don’t know what they are doing”. Said, Jesus. Many wanted to make a name by prophesying the coming of the end of the world, but nothing happens, and all of them ending up in disgrace.

Who are we going to follow now, when all the pastors are in sin? Does it even worth going to church or the Mosque at all? No religion can claim to be better than one another when in the Mosque, the Imam also sits and planning terrorism against innocent people.

They claim “Allah is great”, yet they don’t allow that great Allah they worship to take his revenge. They kill, poured acid on the face of women who refuse to marry them, terrorize, and marry under-aged girls. The gross abuse of Moslems is even more disturbing than that of the wayward pastors.

Even though the church plays an important role in society by shaping the lives of people, it is not an institution that can save the world. Most of the world's tragic occurrences, apart from natural disasters, all are caused by man.

The polluted heart of man comes out as anger to destroy the world. People should learn to forgive and forget. Repentance is very essential.

About greed, which has caused so much unrest, one should remember “What does it profit a man to gain the world and lose his soul?”

Empty-handed, one came from the dust, the same dust one returns empty-handed. Racism, discrimination, claiming superiority over others, and hatred are all enemies that bring havoc to society.

In fact, men should lean upon the greatest commandment of all time, “Love thy neighbour as thyself.”

Columnist: Joel Savage