The political waterloo of Donald Trump

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Sun, 24 Jan 2021 Source: Abdul-Razak Lukman

The presidency of Donald Trump was hinged on hatred, anger, misinformation, racism, and flaming covet-fake evangelical extremism. He accumulated so much hatred for anyone who didn’t support him during his runup for the presidential candidate of the Republican Party and as well, his presidency.

The whole of Trump’s downfall can be summarised in the following sentence: “In the end, the hatred you take is equal to, the hatred you make.” Trump never likes anyone who is touted as having done great things but himself.

His philosophy in life is that no one is ever better than him; that he has the world’s solution to himself and whoever is celebrated to be a great American personality ‘must’ like and worship him in order for that personality to be awarded a certificate of his/her “greatship”. That is the whole personality of Trump.

Clearly, the days of Trump’s presidential candidate-ship runup and to days of his presidency were used to attack and settle scores with people who appear to take the public shine from him for the goods of them. For such people, Trump will go the extra mile to ridicule them on the world’s platform.

When asked by political consultant Frank Luntz on July 18, 2015, about his views towards Senator John McCain, the best Trump could do was to mock the former GOP nominee for having been a prisoner of war. In Trump’s own words: “He’s [John McCain] not a war hero— he is a hero because he was captured.

I like people that weren’t captured.” As if that was not enough, Trump went ahead to describe John McCain as a “loser” for having to win the White House in 2008. Trump categorically stated: I don’t like losers. However, the former president has forgotten that he went through corporate bankruptcy four times as a real-estate mogul.

To fan his covet evangelical extremism to the intolerance of religious cohesion, Trump lambasted the Islamic community using the power of his presidential microphone. One of his dirtiest words to have used on Muslims is to call for a ban on Muslims entering the United States of America.

A country touting herself as a land of freedom and opportunities. Where lies the freedom with restrictive movement? Mr. Trump said without mincing words: “Donald Trump is calling for a total shutdown of Muslims entering the United States.” He again warned Syrian refugees entering the United States to be mindful of the fact that they would be sent back when he wins. “I’m putting the people on notice that coming from Syria as part of this mass migration that if I win, they are going back.”

In a world driven by science and technology, Trump and his die-hard fans never believed in the workings of science. In March 2020, a pandemic hit the world. Donald Trump had to face a major crisis for the first time. A president who has no regard for scientific research and explorations would surely miss the ball.

And that was why he messed up when the coronavirus took centre stage in American politics. Trump could have won if he was able to handle the novel virus very well because presidents’ legacies are formed in the midst of great challenges.

His unwavering posture of not believing in science and appearing at mass gatherings without having nose masks on, his disregard for expert advice(s) from Dr. Anthony Fauci (Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases), and many more contributed immensely to his loss. Donald Trump let his inordinate ego take over.

He preferred to do as he pleased without ever listening to the advice of Dr. Fauci and the other experts around him. The result was disastrous, and it cost him victory in the 2020 presidential election. Remember that George W Bush's initial response to the attacks of September 11th boosted his popularity, and helped him win a second term.

So it was by no means preordained that Covid would finish Donald Trump. It was his botched handling of the crisis that contributed to his fall.

No doubt, the real-estate mogul is known for his stoking of racial tensions. His use of racist language in tweets maligning people of colour. His promotion of conspiracy theories. His failure, on occasions, to adequately condemn white supremacy. His trashing of America's traditional allies and his admiration for ‘authoritarian’ strongmen, such as Vladimir Putin.

It is important to mention that the insurrection of the Capitol which happened on January 6, did cement his personality for his loss. He never condemned it until his second impeachment was administratively carried out.

A day late a dollar short. All-in-all, Americans wanted to return to some kind of normalcy where each one is an American— not a Democrat or Republican and neither from Blue or Red State.

Something that shocked me and which in part, contributed to Trump’s loss was “Black Lives Matter” protest and how it was unprofessionally handled. Trump and his advisors did poorly assuage the fears of a section of Americans who felt racially divided.

Rather, on June 5, less than two weeks after the killing of George Floyd, and with the nation gripped by Black Lives Matter protests, Trump held a rambling press conference in which he touted a strong jobs report. “Hopefully George is looking down right now and saying this is a great thing that’s happening for our country,” Trump said. “This is a great day for him. It’s a great day for everybody.” That comment from President Trump was the worst form of branding and promoting racism.

Trump did not see the need to condemn such brutalities meted out to black communities. He rather found solace in that.

One cannot remember the legacies of Mr. Trump without crediting him with his: outrageous lies, his Twitter governance, his unfounded ego that knows no bounds, and his pride which famously made him a revered “cult-leader” for Trumpeters— which eventually crumbled.

His brand was so high in the skies beyond the reach of ordinary citizens and business associates. His name alone on a ratchet toilet facility could make Trumpeters purchase the same for millions of dollars as if they are buying Blair House.

In the end, everything crumpled like the Berlin Wall. It crumpled so that the people can have their freedom; it crumpled to unite both Muslims and Christians as one people. Most importantly, it crumpled to give respect to our revered women and having their dignity back. Basically, Trump was a president for his fans; not the American people.

I’m quite sure that many Americans can now confidently mention where they are from when asked. Because the sanity in the political space would be restored by President Biden. This is so because, in the past four years, Americans had a president who was so much into himself.

His (Trump) best thought was how to make profits from humans by equating them to real-estate buildings; his racist tendencies served as a solace for him, and he is someone who will allow his wife to walk in the rain whiles he has an umbrella to his hair—these define his personality in all spheres.

Donald Trump will be unanimously remembered as the worst president in the history of the United States. Americans wanted an experience from an outsider of the political space, a business mogul and someone who has no experience of public service—they got it in the right proportions but only to realise how divided they are.

Now, the devil (President Biden) you know is better than the unknown angel (President Trump).

Columnist: Abdul-Razak Lukman