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The problem of Kumawuman is apathy, eschew it and you will see success

Kumawuman Town File photo

Thu, 18 Jun 2020 Source: Rockson Adofo

Fellow Kumawuman citizens, I have come into your homes today to reason with you. We have for the past several years been knowingly or unknowingly inflicting self-harm on ourselves.

This self-damage to our very existence and reputation as a people and a locality emanates from our obvious display of infatuated apathy. There is no denying about the prevalence of apathy among Kumawuman citizens and not until we acknowledge the presence of this ruinous apathy, we can never get rid of it to pave way for our collective prosperity and development of Kumawuman.

What is apathy at all, one may ask? It is defined as the “lack of interest in or concern for things that others find moving or exciting”.

Why is Kumawuman, once a powerful division within the Asante Kingdom, still lacking in many essential developments and even relegated to the bottom of the development ladder only to be headed by Effiduase, a sub-division of the Mampong division? Administratively and commercially, Effiduase is way ahead of Kumawu.

The vibrancy of Effiduase makes Kumawu seem to be as dead as the cemetery without even the slightest hearing of the chirpings of birds. This is all because of the apathy where we have almost all become nonchalant, caring for our individual, rather than, our collective, interests.

However, where there is no unity among the people but division, where there is no farsightedness but short-sightedness, where there is no aspiration and inspiration but the lack of them, there will be very little, if no, prosperity or development.

This explains why Kumawuman is not seeing any infrastructural development to create jobs for the youth to make the area vibrant like the neighbouring Effiduase.

Has Kumawuman not had, and probably still continues to have, but now to a limited extent, her fair share of the rich people in Ghana? Why then is Kumawuman still not developed even to a small appreciable level but remains shamefully underdeveloped when compared to areas like Juaben, Agogo and Effiduase? It is all because of our inbred apathy.

Are we happy to continually remain underdeveloped? From the look of things, I shall say yes. If it were not so, how would we remain silent in the face of our Kumawuman history being re-written by the Asanteman Council presided by the “All too powerful” Asante Overlord, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, to subjugate us to take full control of the wealth and the traditional governance of Kumawuman? Are we happy about that?

What makes it too shocking is when a few brave people emerge to put their lives at stake to fight for justice for Kumawuman by resisting the intentional, bullying and unconventional enslavement of the people and Kumawuman, one finds some so-called learned Kumawuman citizens with accolades received from higher institutions of learning for their knowledge of history, colluding with the slave masters to negate the liberation fight.

This is all because of the apathy, selfishness and insatiable greed that has clouded their intelligence.

To those who think they are better off living in big Ghana cities and abroad so to hell with Kumawuman, I understand the effects of the devastative affliction of apathy on you but please, don’t sabotage my efforts and that of the farsighted Kumawuman citizens desirous of ensuring the prevalence of truth and justice in Kumawuman.

How do you feel, all you Kumawu sub-chiefs intentionally aiding the exploitation of Kumawuman by people from the other prosperous divisions within Asanteman, formerly the Asante Confederacy? Don’t you feel any shame?

Don’t you feel guilty? Were you not sworn in to serve Kumawuman and if yes, why are you condoning and conniving with outsiders to not only exploit, but also, enslave Kumawuman? Are you not by your selfishness, greediness and lack of vision helping to deprive Kumawuman and her children of all that it takes to develop the locality and the people and also setting a precedent for any future Asantehene to control Kumawuman and to select for us our paramount chief contrary to Kumawu custom and tradition?

No government can build Kumawuman for us better than we can build it ourselves.

I am feeling sleepy so let me go to bed. I shall come back to treat further this discussion of apathy among my fellow Kumawuman citizens, God willing.

Columnist: Rockson Adofo