Opinions Mon, 21 Aug 2017

The regrettable agony of Africa in recent(A Critique)

Overfed Negativity to Overhead Tears:Oh Mother Africa!Is There Hope In Sight?

(A critique of current fateful happenings in some countries in Africa)

A drop of ink may make a million think.But a drop of blood may make a million sink.

It has been a moment of tripling crisis in Africa and everyone is crying.It has been days of humanitarian emergency in Sierra Leone and everyone is wailing.

Africa seem to always be at the receiving end anytime the anger of mother earth yells. From overfed negativity to overhead tears-the regrettable agony of Africa in recent times tolls.

In black and red garment,I travelled all the way to Sierra Leone,and my cheers turned into tears.I was gripped in fear as 300 people were lowered in a Mass Grave known as "Ebola cemetery following a mudslide.In consoling the bereaved,I was told 600 people are still missing,400 people are known to have died.And about 3,000 people are homeless.(Lawyer Francis-Xavier Sosu inspires me to call it,"Homeless but not Hopeless").

As I was trying to reconcile the situation in Sierra Leone,I eavesdropped on Togo.And the reality is that, death was being visited on innocent citizens.Their crime being that,they were protesting for reinstatement of the 1992 constitution,and an end to Gnassingbes family dynasty. The 1992 constitution of that country limits the term of the president to five years.But Faure Gnassingbe,we are told,has changed the 1992 constitution arbitrary and replaced it with the 2002 constitution which guarantees a perpetual reign-for him and his family.A reign of no end in sight for the "almighty Gnassingbes.

You see the sort of leaders we claim to have in Africa!Your brothers in Sierra Leone are crying for humanitarian assistance in this moment of tears.As wise men are helping to build bridges for them,the foolish are building dams.Maybe to perish innocent citizens in flood. How fast indeed,smart opportunist can be intellectual morons!

Some of our politicians,permit me to say,are like drums which make lots of noise but are hollow inside. You just wonder whether they are leading or misleading.

But what beats my imagination is the international community,human right groups and the AU.They all look on helpless as the likes of "Mr.power drunk politician(s)" enjoy a field day with impunity.

People have their rights restricted.From the last time I checked, two protestants had been killed and thirteen others seriously injured.So tell me;where is the justice and equal rights the world is crying for?

Cudoes to my comrades-Bukinabas for marching against terrorism.This follows a recent attack in a restaurant leaving 18 People dead.Terrorism has terrorise us enough and must end!The aluta is on!The aluta has dawn!

Have you no shame,much ado about nothing people of Kenya?Islamic militants are beheading your valuable citizens,and there you are rioting to death.Twenty-Eight (28) people have been shot dead by the police in that country following the recent disputed reelection of president Uhuru Kenyatta.

I need coaching here.Is the police trained to kill or protect?We kill ourselves before we remember of the court of law.Crazy!

I am in pain.Tell me the gain when human beings are wasted like that just because of politicians?People who after grabbing power,end up like misers,saving even for the people who will bury them.

Woe betide head of state of Mali,His excellency Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta,and the people of Northern Mali if that reeling conflict being negotiated is renewed.Africa will not forgive you!Just Smell it...

Someone should whisper into the ears of the people of Nigeria that they have disappointed us.BBC just told us Lagos is the second worst city in the world.

People of South Africa,listen to me now:women are the world's most great power and treasure.It is five years on.Wake-up to the reality and let the women of Murikana have justice before I invite my village god's to strike you.Dead!

Well,I want to return to my homeland,Ghana.But not without a word to our leaders.Though hope does not kill,you are not giving us hope in sight.

Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana,Nelson Mandela of South Africa,Jomo Kenytta of Kenya,Julius Nyerere of Tanzania,Haile Selassie of Ethiopia, Patrice Lumumba of Congo,Samore Machel of Kenya and Alpha Oumar Konare of Mali are watching you! This was not the Africa they envisioned and shed blood to found.

To the citizens(not spectators as my president rightly puts it),let's unite like spider webs to blame,condemn and straighten the politicians who overthrows the pot of our soup.

We must also change our mindset and attitude.And build a resilient Africa together.

René Descartes,the Latin Philosopher will say,"Cogito Ergo Sum" translated in English Language as,I think, therefore I am. Africa must stand tall!Our system must work again!

May God bless mother Africa!

Columnist: Anapansah, B Abraham