The ridiculousness of the NDC petition, a kindergarten view

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Fri, 5 Mar 2021 Source: Kofi Pratt

Mr. Kojo NDC goes to Accra Policeman Chief Inspector Kwaku SC to report at the charge office that Aunty Araba EC has forcefully entered his house to steal from him so Aunty Araba EC must be arrested.

Chief Inspector Kwaku SC says fair enough can you tell us what Araba EC stole from you please?

Mr. Kojo NDC says No, I won’t tell you. Aunty Araba EC has stolen from me. Just arrest her and she will tell you what she has stolen from me.

Chief Inspector SC replies Kojo NDC. Do you know what Araba EC stole from you?

Kwaku NDC. Responds, yes I know exactly what she has stolen from me but I won’t tell you. Just arrest her, we all know she is a thief. Once you arrest her, she must tell you what she stole from me.

Chief Inspector Kwaku SC in his frustration invites Araba EC to assist in his investigation. He quizzes Araba EC. Kojo NDC says you are a thief and that you have stolen from him. Is that true, can you confirm that you stole from him so that we can arrest and deal with you?

Araba EC just laughs and dances in the face of Kwaku SC and replies. You paaa if you were in my shoes, would you even honour this frivolous invitation? As far as I am aware, I have not stolen anything. If he insists, let him tell you what he claims I stole from him then I will prove that everything in my house is mine. I bought from kwasia dwaaso last week. Please if my cousin Kojo NDC is not prepared to say what I stole, leave me alone. I am busy preparing fufu and aponkye nkaakra for my boyfriend’s birthday.

Chief inspector SC pleads with Kojo NDC that if you don’t tell us what you believe Araba EC stole from you, it will be difficult to arrest her let alone prosecute her. Pease help us to help you.

Kojo NDC refuses saying, you arrest her first and she must tell you what she stole from us. If she is not a thief, why is she refusing to be arrested?

Her father Yaw Boadi Manu willingly came to the police station two years ago when Akua NPP accused him of stealing to show what he was supposed to have stolen but brought his receipts to show that he genuinely bought them so Araba must do the same.

After back and forth, Chief Inspector Kwaku SC says this is a foolish case and throws it out for lack of evidencesnd lack of cooperation from the complainant , Kojo NDC.

It’s not that Kojo did not have a good case oooo. He had a good case which was badly told. The end of semester plea to Chief Inspector to “ help me even if I did not help myself..” smacks of a complainant at the old Kotobabi police station pleading with Chief Inspector Kwaku SC to keep giving a suspect Araba EC slaps until she confessed to things that she has not even seen let alone steal. Who does that?

Would it not have been in Kojo NDC’s interest to have bared his soul out and provided chief inspector with all his information including descriptions of items stolen, and hoped that Chief inspectors’ investigations would have found collaborative evidence?

Can you accuse Chief Inspector Kwaku SC of being biased?

The jury is still out!!!


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We are are own enemies sometimes. I wish I had stayed in kindergarten many years ago. K Kakraba Pratt. Sent from my iPhone

Columnist: Kofi Pratt