The rogues and the masquerade

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Mon, 21 Nov 2016 Source: Damptey, Daniel Danquah

Wonders, they say shall never end, otherwise how do you explain a situation whereby the NDC which has been referring to the NPP in derogatory terms, now have an uphill task in convincing Ghanaians that their contraption does not harbor, assassins, rapists, arsonists, cut-throats, necromancers, fraudsters and many anti social elements.

I challenge the Nefarious Destructive Cancer to challenge my assertion that the contraption does not harbor criminals. To throw further light on this assertion, let facts be supplied a candid world.

Before proceeding let me first inform leaders of what happened during the tenure of late Peter Ala Adjetey as Speaker of Parliament. The story goes like this. On one occasion during deliberation on an urgent matter, a hand timidly shot up. Honourable Peter Adjetey adjusted his glasses and peered at the figure standing. He asked if the person standing was a member of the august House. The entire House burst out in laughter. It was “little” and unknown Felix Twumasi Appiah, former MP for Sene Constituency in the Brong Ahafo Region.

There is a saying that “once a thief, always a thief”, for the leopard never changes its skin or spot. Would you believe that this seemingly “innocent” and quite looking Twumasi Appiah is a fraudster of first degree? He has twice been busted for dealing in fake gold transaction. In the first instance, he defrauded one Charles Dedjoe, a businessman of $800,000.00 when he sold fake gold dust to him. The full details of the story could be obtained from Daily Guide of Monday, November 27, 2006. The case was in court but when the NDC came to power, it was discontinued.

Emboldened by failure of Government to prosecute him on his earlier fraudulent act, “Honourable” Twumasi Appiah spread his tentacles further and defrauding a Spanish businessman, Juan Francisco Lozano OF $160,000.00.

In the June 2, 2010 edition of “Daily Graphic”, page 3, was this bold headline “Charge Sene MP for Fraud – Court”. “The Accra Circuit Court yesterday directed the Police to take steps to formally charge the Member of Parliament for Sene, Mr. Felix Twumasi Appiah, for fraud, saying parliamentary immunity did not mean he could not answer charges against him”.

Since then, we have not heard anything about the case. Did the Police charge him to court as directed by Justice D.E.K.Daketsey? Or did an unseen hand tele-guided the Police not to pursue the case? Ghanaians deserve to know.

For all we know, this former dishonourable Twumasi Appiah might be having a murky past which he has tried hard to hide. But there comes the day of reckoning when every individual is unmasked to stand naked before the judgment seat of the masses.

Fellow Ghanaians, Ladies and Gentlemen, Not all that glitters is gold. Empty barrels make the loudest noise. Still waters run deep. Finally, it is an understatement that “those who live in glass houses should not throw stones”. Nothing under the sky can be hidden forever.

Indeed the Nefarious Destructive Cancer is a den and habitat for all kinds of criminals. Ino be me talkam oo. Na de action of Felix Twumasi Appiah and others like Stan Dodge make me say that.

I shall return.

Columnist: Damptey, Daniel Danquah
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