The royal selfie from Goaso

Fri, 23 Oct 2015 Source: Koku Anyidoho

Sometime last week when the President was at the Western Region, Gwira to be precise to commission one of his mind blowing legacy, the E-structured community day senior high school, I watched on GTV at the residency of the Asunafo North MCE, who doubles os the Dean of MMDCE's i.e NALAG President Hon Alhaji Mohammed Doku. Comrades there present were full of praises for the President and we went hay-wire when he was given the title-Bretani.

As always, political enthusiasts as we were, we were talking about a similar project here in the constituency, Kasapin and were throwing wild ideas around on how to mobilize, organize and set record that will make the President remember Asunafo North. Infact we were looking at how to gain political capital from his visit, just that we never anticipated it to be soonest because the Kasapin project is not completed.

Whiles the commissioning and inspection of the project was ongoing, I saw a well shaved and dressed man walk to the President and took a picture with him. I was moved. I was touched. I felt an urge to be standing side by side with the President but there were questions that needed to be answered.

How would I get that opportunity?

Do I need to take a ride to Accra and pray I meet the President walking the street of circle?

Even if I did, who would introduce me?

Can I beat the tight security around the President?

How would I know the right opportunity?

Thousands of questions I asked within micro-seconds.

On Friday 16th October 2015, Hon Alhaji Mohammed Doku during one of our usual phone conversations told me of the President's coming on Monday in order that being the Youth Organizer of the NDC, liaise with the appropriate persons in planning for the August visit.

The urge arose. I needed to take a snap with the President. I urgently needed to. Infact the preceding his coming, I had a JOSEPHIC DREAM. Un that dream, I had accomplished my mission.

I therefore went into meticulous planning. My NOKIA XL needed to be fully charged. How did I want it done? I needed to decide on the mode, when to grap the opportunity and when to strike. Massa it wasn't easy.. Mathematical plotting of graphs, a bit of geography.

Infact I took a clean shave which I called THE PRESIDENTIAL SHAVE. I made a vow to my friends that I would have the President on my phone side by side with me. In fact I bragged about how as a VANDAL, an OLD VANDAL I would approach the President. The rehearsal of my speeches took me to my bathroom. Meticulous combination of words I had. In fact I wrote down a 10sec request and timed myself. Make you no laugh me oooo, I make wild rough.

Then came the D-day..

President John Dramani Mahama was in Goaso, local dignitaries welcomed him. I was carefully taking shots of them. I waited, the program began, H.E gave his speech then came the national anthem. All along I was close to the dais. Very close to Stan Dogbe. I was learning from a far the coordination of the President's communication materials. He instructs someone do this, check if that mic is working. Unwrap the Presidential podium/alter, fix the mic cover. I was very very observant. Extremely observant I was learning who knows, someday I may be coordinating something like that.

After the President 's speech came the National Anthem. Time to go, he needed to greet the chiefs and country men present.

I then said to my self, your mission is failed, just go become Paparazzi for others. Take his pictures and upload on facebook to tell the world your version of the August visit.

Then came the moment. I saw it and prepared my self. The instincts push me. Put the camera on a selfie mode for after greeting the Goasomanhene, looking at your position, the President will be close to you. The closest person to him will be his security detail. Beat them and you have succeeded.

Comrades I did just that. I waited patiently, hanging my school bag as is usual of me I was waiting and sweating. Then came the moment. With my sweat I went close to him, raised my phone and said 'Mr President, a selfie with a villager ....' I was yet to finish when his security detail wanted to pull me back.

There came the moment, he held my hands in order that i get a firm grip because they were shivering. I took my honest shot. The ROYAL SELFIE

The paparazzies around took theirs.

I am honored to have had it through Armani of Ashanti Region.

As I write this piece, the picture is trending on social media.

I have one more dream. To give back the selfie Mr President gave to me. An autograph will cement the joy.

Edem Koku Edem




Columnist: Koku Anyidoho