The rumpus in the NPP is really eye-popping

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Wed, 9 Sep 2015 Source: Bokor, Michael J. K.

Folks, I am really relishing everything coming out from the NPP camp to prove that it is divided. I do so, clearly because I have been given to know what the NPP is (a political cabal of "interrectuals"—all members being wise men yet acting and posturing unwisely. Do you know why they have sidelined the women?).

Such a political cabal, nurtured by the Asante-Akyem ethnic succour, sees itself as the be-it-all-and-end-it-all and won't tolerate anything coming from elsewhere. It admits of nothing from others and is unrepentant, even after its impolitic manouevres fetch it electoral defeat. We have seen it all since 1992.

It began solely as a Danquah-Busia fount of authority only to be turned into a triumvirate (Danquah-Busia-Dombo) with the express aim to tap into the political interests of Northern Ghana. In our 4th Republic, the "Dombo" element has been added as an afterthought, and efforts made to pick elements from Northern Ghana to tag on as if they are really intrinsically relevant. It's all a ruse, an afterthought to bait our compatriots of Northern Ghana extraction.

The late Aliu Mahama's fate says a lot. Before him, who was chosen by the NPP power brokers (based at the Manhyia palace) to substantiate the "Dombo" hue? And why was Aliu Mahama humiliated in his bid to replace Kufuor? Lesson Number One!!

Turn attention to Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, the docile and confused economist easily coming across as a political neophyte, who is being ungratuitously used to churn out statistics to reinforce the "interrectualism" of the NPP? He is all over the place, gushing out rubbish and making a mockery of all that he studied as an economist. Where does he think this road will lead him and the Northern Regional buffoon of a party chair (Daniel Bugri Naabu) who are busily running the fool’s errands? Lesson Number Two!!

At this juncture, the NPP is lost. As the wrangling continues about the mismanagement of its finances, we are given glimpses of the danger that it poses. Akufo-Addo and his team seem not to know how to present themselves and their party to win voter support. They are fixated on the voters register and will get what they are working for at the end of the race. Poor souls!!

It is important to note that Rawlings successfully overthrew the Limann administration on December 31, 1981, apparently because of the rumpus within the PNP hierarchy, which was evident by June 18, 1979, when Dr. Limann was voted into office.

The parallel that I seek to draw is simple. I have already made my mind clear on the matter that it will be far easier for the military to overthrow an NPP-led administration than it will be for an NDC-led one. Don't ask me why!!

Thus, if the NPP's internal troubles manifest as they are doing now, we can monitor the situation more closely and predict the future for an Akufo-Addo-led administration (May God forbid, though). On the funny side, it is the NPP people who have been advocating a military coup d’état all these years.

Unfortunately for them, the system isn't built to sing their song.

On the contrary, if the scales turn in their favour, it may not be so. They have already created conditions for it. Don't ask me why or how. I hope I have made my position clear on that score.

And the matter is turning uglier than we can contain in this serial “Concert Party” enactment. An elder of the party, Mr. Appiah Menka wants party figures who are finding it difficult to submit to the authority of Nana Akufo-Addo to leave the party for good. “Any office holder who feels he is more powerful than Akufo Addo should leave the party…” he told Accra-based radio station Peace FM Tuesday." (See http://www.myjoyonline.com/politics/2015/September-8th/if-you-feel-more-powerful-than-akufo-addo-leave-npp-appiah-menka.php).

Respect is commanded, not demanded, Mr. Appiah-Menka. If Akufo-Addo commands it, he should get it; but the situation is to the contrary. He is demanding respect and won't get it.

And if leaving the NPP is the option for Appiah-Menka, then, the NPP will continue to have very serious problems, especially now that its own bigwigs are apprehensive that it is fast becoming a Communist Party (you either do or don't do as the leader says or you lose out)!! Where is the "liberal democracy" that the United Party claims as its political taproot?

Let the show continue because there is an eager audience for it.

I shall return…

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Columnist: Bokor, Michael J. K.