The safety of the police

IGP David Asante Apeatu David Asante-Apeatu, Inspector General of Police (IGP)

Mon, 21 May 2018 Source: Arthur K

Let's respect the Police. The solution to wrongful arrest is not assaulting the Police-- it is going to court. The attacks on police by both the military and vigilantes must stop.

And we must stop the unfortunate practice of false equivalence. When police personnel doing their jobs are attacked by the military, we should not urge restraint on both parties-- we should call the military out for lawlessness and prosecute those who broke the law.

That is what nations under the rule of law do. It is even more important that when private/vigilante groups attack the Police, they are prosecuted to deter others.

A nation where police personnel can be assaulted with impunity will, sooner or later, descend into anarchy. A police force that cannot protect itself cannot protect anybody.

In the US, since the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878, the military cannot even be involved in routine law enforcement.

Let us insist that the military respect and obey the law, like all institutions and citizens. And

let us stop coddling vigilantes-- they will destroy our country.

Support KOTI men and women-- for our peace and security.

Columnist: Arthur K
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