The self acclaimed alternative has always been hollow

Afenyo Markin Vvv Alexander Afenyo Markin is the Member of Parliament for Effutu Constituency

Tue, 11 Aug 2020 Source: Dawda Eric

The Effutu Dream has always been a solid anchor and same can be said to be the most powerful and inspiring slogan that has been felt in the Effutu Constituency.

As we speak, every single local artisan in the Effutu Community has benefitted from numerous personal projects initiated and completed by Hon.Alexander Kwamena Afenyo-Markin.

Local contractors have never been left out in the construction of CHP compunds, Schools, libraries, ICT labs, Community centres and the likes. The primary focus of this dream is to create opportunities for every single individual and organized groups in Effutu municipality.

As a matter of fact, six hundred and thirteen(613) teachers both at the private and Public schools have benfitted from the one teacher One Laptop project which was introduced by Hon.Alex Afenyo-Makin.

The laptop project was initiated in view of the fact that, ICT has been a focal point in advancing teaching and learning in our current dispensation. Is this initiative not useful than mounting bill boards along the streets of Winneba? Apart from mounting bill boards with photoshop pictures as a means of attraction, what good thing has the busy body done in Effutu that is touching lives? I need an answer.

The records would also show that, since Winneba Senior High School was established, they never had any ultra modern Assembly Hall until Hon.Alex Afenyo-Markin became a member of parliament for Efffutu Constituency. Under his able leadership through the Minister responsible for Education, Winneba Senior High School has been gifted with Assembly Hall with a capacity which exceeds what the institution already had.

Politics is all about competing ideas and the game has always been that, he who presents him or herself as an alternative should be able to provide what exactly is supposed to be done which has not been done by the incumbent for which reason he should be allowed the chance to lead.

Currently, the one who claims he is the alternative has not been able to mount any credible alternative ideas as the basis to seek the peoples mandate except his tasteless lies which brings to the fore how weak he has always been as a confused budy body. Sadly for us he is in court for criminal reasons.

The recent case instituled Republic v James Kofi Anan & Others gives us a vivid picture about his dealings with people. On Nyce fm, he claimed he once financed the NPP in 2012 meanwhile, he is in court for being in possession with a stolen cash which according to the charge sheet, the said money was for him to finance his campaign.

The complainant on record, is seeking to recover GHC 100,00 stolen from his account and illegally transfered into James Kofi Anan's account for the purpose of funding his political campaign.

The question is, how can some one who claimed to have funded the NPP before be struggling to pay back the money which was stoten and illegally transfered into his account? He is struggling to pay the money because, he appropriated it the day it landed in his account because, he knew where the money came from.

It is imperative to note that, when the self acclaimed alternative realized that, he had issues with popularity and for that matter, contesting as an independent candidate will not allow him to get the opportunity to solicit funds to complete his drinking spot, he quickly abandoned his dream of contesting as an independent parliamentary candidate.

If he really wanted to lead the NDC, he would have picked forms to contest the likes of Lawyer Victor Yankson during the NDC parliamentary primaries. He wouldn't have waited for his resignation before declaring his bid to contest on the ticket of the NDC.

The senseless diatribe and calumny gainst Hon.Alex Afenyo- Markin being sponsored by the busy body shows that, he lacks political ideas and has nothing in mind. The good people of Effutu are enjoying their flat screen coloured TV and are not prepared to exchange it for any" Ati korp)" black and White TV.

Columnist: Dawda Eric