The stain

Sun, 1 Apr 2018 Source: Gideon Baiden

I honestly believe that the most difficult resource to manage is the human resource. This is because unlike other manufactured entities which have a manual and are generally predictable, the human being is a creation which is shrouded in secrecy and unpredictability.

Considering the theory of growth and development, we realize that all humans are shaped virtually by their experiences as they progress through life. In effect, it is very difficult if not impossible for two people to have the same experiences even with respect to proximity.

With so much unpredictability about humans, a somewhat predictable trend has been observed. A story is told of a man called George who went on a trip in order to attend the wedding of a very popular chief. Though uninvited, George decided to put on his best apparel so that he wouldn’t be scrutinized as much. In truth, George did dress to the best of his ability. He looked angelic in his all white apparel and oozed in confidence as he walked out of his flat.

Lo and behold, he arrived at the premises of the wedding and realized to his bewilderment that all the guests were also dressed in sparkling white clothes. One by one, the various guests entered into the palace. To his surprise, when it got to his turn to enter, he wasn’t allowed. He just couldn’t fathom why he was denied entry though to his best of knowledge, he was well dressed.

As he moved away with his shoulders down and his head low, he heard the voice of a child screaming after him. “Sir, Sir”, the child screamed. As soon as he turned, the child in an apologetic tone of voice started to ask for his forgiveness. Unknown to George, this child unintentionally stained his white shirt due to the large number of people who attended the wedding.

The child was a seller of red oil and so as people pressed against each other so as to get a glimpse of the wedding ceremony, the child’s hand unintentionally made contact with his dress, leaving a stain of red oil on the shirt. As the child narrated the incident, George smiled and just gave the child a pat on the back and told the child to forget about it.

How many times as humans have we decided to throw people out of our lives just because of some mistakes which could have been forgiven? How many times do we take notice of that little stain instead of considering the general neatness of the shirt? Is it human nature to be so much observant of the little evil but pay the least attention to the so many good deeds done?

As we celebrate Easter, we must realize that the sacrifice of Christ on the cross was meant to bring us together and not to separate us. We must not forget that Christ died and resurrected in order to save the human race but have we asked ourselves if we are treating each other as humans ought to?

God is a loving God and so if we really want to affect our generation, we must look beyond that stain on the white shirt and welcome everyone with an open arm despite the religious, tribal or political differences because that is the only way we can experience the peace that we ought to.

May the sacrifice of Christ on the cross of Calvary teach us to genuinely love one another not because of what we may get in return but because we see it as a duty and as a call to genuine servitude. HAPPY EASTER.

Columnist: Gideon Baiden