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Rejoinder: Akufo- Addo is Ghana Bokossa and Mobutu

Distraction, detraction, bowel contraction, those are the words that best describe the mannerisms of a bunch of audacious liars hiding behind newsprint to slander the nation that has just received a major FREE SHS impetus in its drive towards perfection.

We might never be perfect as a nation, but, certainly, the assumption of the reins of power by His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo was the glad tiding that heralded the new dawn; that era of a golden Midas touch, which is beginning to make Ghana Great Again.

Of course, Ghana is becoming great again after her reputation was dropped and forsaken in the gutters by the indolent NDC, headed by a dishonest president in the person of John Dramani Mahama and puerile loudmouth idiots as Fiifi Kwertey, Ofosu Kwakye, Murtala Mohammed, Mahama Ayariga, Asiedu Nketia, Omane Boamah etc, nation wreckers of unblessed memory.

With the cover of filthy journalism spearheaded by newspapers only fit for wiping ass with, the NDC Party almost drove this country to the brinks of civil war until the good people of Ghana showed it the red card. This nation just would no longer entertain the recklessness of liars, practising the semblance of journalism, absolutely unspellable and a total apology of the trade they are shamefully tied to.

When do we talk about family and friends, who better do the cap fit? Ibrahim Mahama, that shameful urchin, who people sought favour with because it was said that he held the keys to the juiciest contracts during the NDC regime was the erstwhile President’s brother.

Their sister was given massive contracts like the supply of brand new vehicles at exorbitantly abnormal prices, one of which was the Mitsubishi Pajero that was allegedly given to NPP’s Bugri Naabu in the botched bribery attempt. The brothers of incompetent former president John Mahama were all given their portions as if Ghana’s cake belonged to them.

Tony Lithur was made MD of Ghana Airports by John Mahama. Was the former not a friend and lawyer of the latter? Oye Lithur was made Minister for gender and women’s affairs. Was she not the wife of the friend of John Mahama? Was Tony lithur’s partner, Marietta Brew Appiah-Oppong, not given the position of Attorney General and Minister for (in) Justice, because of Tony?

If you want to talk about rewarding amorous relationships, who would win a medal at that? John Mahama of the NDC of course! After all, it was said that he carried his manhood on his shoulder openly fishing for fattened behinds to shove it through. Was it not said that he rewarded Vickie Hamma for being such a wonderful romantic partner? Was it not said that his amorous relationship with Hanna Tetteh consolidated her position in government that she remained Foreign Minister until their disgraceful defeat at the polls? Was it not said that John Mahama only awarded Zeeta an ambassadorial position when she gave in to his advances at Peduase lodge? Was it not said that he romped Alban Bagbin’s secretary at the Parliament house? Was it not said that he gave the Smarty’s CEO, Juliet Ibrahim, a fat contract because he was banging her on table tops and tight corners?

Was it not John Mahama who rewarded useless ladies commensurately with their ability to twerk during electioneering campaigns? Pictures and videos were popping up everywhere on social media. He lowered the value of women by promoting sexist traditions in the midst of fools in the rank and file of the NDC party.

And the instances of such shameful shamelessness abound numerously, which we’re lucky to have dumped into the canister of history to rot and be spoken of as the most lewd and uninteresting times of Ghana’s past? A past that was a reality, blighted and bastardised by thieves of the NDC in connivance with gangster newsprint media like the Palaver, a colossal source of lies and fabricator of shame!

So who is the Bokossa and Mobutu? Is it the impressive President Nana Addo, or the licentious character, Ex-President John Mahama?

Who is the Bokossa and Mobutu? President Akufo-Addo or John Mahama, who put all his family and friends in positions to milk the country dry? Let’s say Nana Addo has, casually, given a family member a job, what is so wrong with that if the person qualifies?

Besides, name the members! If he has a distant family member in one post or even one direct member in another, are those people not Ghanaian?

At least he is entitled to one or two special cases, but he certainly will not go to the extremes that John Mahama went to, giving the cream to his family in order to create a dynasty that he hallucinates about.

But wait! Was it not the same empty braggarts that sought to spew unrestrained lies at anything and everything NPP during the excellent era of President John Agyekum Kufuor?

Yes, it was! To post a few examples of the treacherous lies of the invidious charlatans behind this toilet paper newspaper, the following brief should vindicate my submissions herein:

May 14, 2006:


May 13, 2006:


September 5, 2006:


To the extent that the Embassy of Togo had to sound a warning to this stupid newspaper and stupider editor, is an indelible testimony to their falsehood and intentional acts of chicanery that is genetically hereditary of NDC dastards and cowards like those behind the Palaver liespaper.

Instead of peddling lies to sabotage the excellent Free SHS, they should chastise Alhassan Suhyini of the NDC Minority in Parliament for openly calling Akans PIGS! Instead, they should be exposing John Mahama, who is said to be sponsoring an imminent demonstration in New York to the tune of approximately $75,000 (seventy-five thousand US Dollars) against President Akufo-Addo in a futile attempt to shoot down the great success chocked with the launch of the Free SHS and other initiatives. And he is being assisted by haters of Ghana like Lawrence Appiah and Atwima Mansah.

The Palaver toilet paper is peddling lies in a show of pure national betrayal, sell out, and lack of patriotism.

Columnist: Alert Ghana