The systematic attempt to silence Koku Anyidoho and intimidate NDC executives into 'Culture of Silence'

Koku Anyidoho Handsup Koku Anyidoho, Deputy General Secretary of NDC

Fri, 30 Mar 2018 Source: Kofi B. Kukubor

On 27th March 2018, I wrote on the topic, Akuffo Addo's Agenda for Koku Anyidoho.

How It Began

Intelligence gathered alleged that, on the night of 26th of March 2018, the Presidency instructed Maame Yaa Tiwa Addo-Danquah, to pick Koku Anyidoho at night so as to ruff him up and detain him on the blind side of the public. The night swoop could not succeed hence Koku was arrested at the Press Centre on the 27th March 2018.

The intention is to lock Koku Anyidoho in Akuse Prison till after the Easter holidays. The reaction from the public and Amnesty International has jostled the plan a bit but they are bent on carrying out the original plan.

The Arrest and Search

On the afternoon of 27th, the Police carried out an illegality by searching Koku Anyidoho’s house and took custody of his phone without court order or warrant.After taking Koku’s statement, the investigator struggled to state the offence that necessitated his arrest. Below is the chronology of Koku Anyidoho’s charge.

The Chronology of The Charge Sheet

The first charge the Investigator came up with was that his comment on radio was intended to cause fear and panic. After a while, the investigator came back to the conference room where Koku was held with a different charge. At this time, the charge was High Treason. He left the room and sometime later returned with another charge of treason.

The charge of treason was widely reported and circulated on the media. However, bail was refused with the excuse that, there was no “instruction from above”. It was not clear whether the instruction was to come from a bleached high priest with a ram horn, from the Flagstaff house, or the next floor above the second floor of where Koku was held at CID headquarters. Koku was subsequently transferred to BNI cells late in the night.

Observing the media landscape on the morning of 28th, the charge of treason was ridiculed and laughed at with the conclusion that, it lacked merit in the court of law. It was also alleged that, after extensive consultation with some selected judges, it was advised that, the charge of treason should be expunged.

On the late morning, the investigators went to BNI cells in the company of his lawyers to collect another statement so as to tinker with the charge of treason. As Koku’s lawyers were demanding for a bail to be given after the second statement, the CID operatives went behind the lawyers to the High Court to file an affidavit for an Order to issue warrant to search and make seizure of electronic gadgets including laptops, iPhones, and iPads believed to be storage of information related to treason in the premises of Koku Anyidoho and his Agents to aid Police investigation. This request was granted by Patience Mills-Tetteh J. (Justice of the High Court) and was served through the media on the client.

The Public Affairs of the Police Service later in the evening released a signed statement by ACP David S. Eklu, Director-General Public Affairs stating the charges and activities that they have earlier on conducted.

The new charge now reads, “The suspect has since been cautioned on offences related to causing FEAR and ALARM and TREASON FELONY and is in custody pending further investigation”.

The Intended Plan of Show of Power

The Presidency of Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo Addo as alleged is bent on ‘showing’ Koku Anyidoho where power lies by incarcerating him on remand in Akuse Prison.

The CID now empowered by the Order of the High Court to search and seize, and the Police statement of “pending further investigation”, it is being planned that the CID investigator will request for refusal of bail for Koku Anyidoho, and pray the court that Koku should be remanded into prison custody to enable them complete investigation considering the gravity of the offence. This request may be granted.

In the milieu, some NDC party members will be induced to publicly condemn the statement of Koku Anyidoho with a deliberate goal of dividing the front of NDC and the support base of members for Koku Anyidoho.

The Electronic Manipulation

Some of the electronic gadgets of Koku Anyidoho were illegally seized by the CID operatives since the night of 27th March 2018. The idea as alleged is to ‘crack’ into these gadgets and manipulate and plant incriminating evidence with ‘cloned’ accounts. This the lawyers will have to be alert to. As any search conducted on whatever premise (physical or/and electronic) without the presence of Koku’s Lawyers and in the presence of electronic gadget experts as appointed by Koku Anyidoho should not be admissible in any court of law.


This is the time NDC must close its ranks. This is a direct attack on free speech, and the Executive institution of the National Democratic Congress, NDC. Once the elected Executive Institution of NDC allowed itself to be bullied, divided and cowed the New Patriotic Party, NPP will run Ghana as a One Party State.

It is indeed an action intended to subdue free speech in Ghana, and discerning minds should rise up against this calculated move.


Columnist: Kofi B. Kukubor