Opinions Sun, 6 Oct 2013

The threat we face as a Country

- The Ignorance Of The Masses

The President and its Government may think they have solved their political problem, but an economic disaster is about to happen.

We are all unmindful to the fact that in dark days, men need a clear faith and well grounded hope, a strength and perseverance which are the outcome of these values; that calm courage which takes no account of the hardships on the way. The times which we are passing through must be to us a confirmation of our faith.

Definitely we are see the things that we had thought of as evil are really evil, and we know definitely more than we ever did before. And that the directions in which men must progress or prod if a better world is to evolve from the ruins of the one which is now hurling itself into destruction, then better start now.

It is a clear phenomenon seen, that man’s political dealings with one another are based on wholly wrong precepts and perceptions, and can only be saved by quite different ideals and vision that continues to be a source of suffering devastation, and sin.

It was Bertrund Russell, a British philosopher who wrote, that the aim of politics must and should be; to make the life of individuals as good as possible and that, all citizens must live to their full potential.

On the other hand our politics have really never been about improving the quality of life of the citizens, but have been more about how those in power increase their personal wealth and doing all they can to cling on to power.

The situation confronting us is not about to change. What we need to do now I think, is to work hard towards a new national identity. We must work to produce a new national identity that accepts that freedom and justice are priceless and its pursuit will hardly be rewarding in the short term.

The threat we face everyday stems from the ignorance of the masses, who without hesitation continues to handover or deliver power to the ruling class through baits such as - monies, mobile phones, laptops, chickens and goats given at political rallies.

Most of the people truly accept as true that, it is not their duty to effect changes to their lives circumstances, for they think and expect the government to prop them up. After all this is what the Politician has been preaching to them and they believe it.

In my opinion Ghana can only develop into a modern state when its political leadership is guided by the unconditional and non negotiable respect of our freedom and justice. They must be lead by ideals, which seek to ensure that every Ghanaian can live up to their full potential.

More importantly also, we must have citizens who know their worth and their potential so that they do not sell their dreams short. That in my view is what we must now fight for. We need an outside to the NDC narrative where we are now paupers or poverty stricken citizens.

There is no doubt in my mind that, with all the promises being now made, NDC is not going to fundamentally change what they stand for. To borrow Justice Dotse statement - Create loot and share.

As an alternative to this period, we are likely to hear and see more rhetoric, and the implementation of politically expedient economic policies that are more geared towards premeditated economic and political power.

We have already had a taste of that with regard to the borrowing that has characterized the Mahama led administration and the recent remarks emanating from the government.

Allegedly, the NDC has indeed solved its political problem of operating within the Create, Loot and Share policy; however the looming darkness is a gigantic task to managing an economy that has limited cash inflows and needs outside investment and/or aid.

The numerous Government Communicators have lost their voices and are no longer there to tell us what we should expect to get from various natural revenues and the need to restrain luxury expenditures in order to pay salaries.

Boy oh boy! The fastener to the feeding trough has been broken and the unprecedented misappropriation, corruption and greed amongst the politicians and their bedfellows, the public servants have gone haywire.

My heartache and grieve here is that, we can almost not have this discourse with a peasant from the deprive area, whose only concern is to get a token of anything from the government. For him, his gods have answered his prayers.

In the same manner we cannot have the same conversation with a Chief who wants a new car because he has delivered votes to NDC.

Likewise, you cannot reason nor have a discourse with the Clergy as most of them are in bed with the Politicians with their Peace industry.

Most will think you are mentally retarded. One cannot even have this discourse with a youth who has now been given a Mills Police costume to wear with his new job as a quack quasi-police in a new Police Uniform. To such a person his dreams have come true.

This ignorance of the masses and how they repetitively trade themselves short, election after election, shall continue to be a mountain to climb, on our true liberty and freedom. It will be very difficult to change this system in the short term; all the same we must however do all we can to go up the mountain.

We must be thinking of this always that hope without action is a prison. I have come to believe the feeling of not knowing where I am setting out to.

But I have taught myself to appreciate it. For the reason that, it is only when we are suspended in mid-air with no landing in sight, that we force our wings to unravel and as luck will have begin our flight.

And as we fly, we still may not know where we are going to. But the miracle in this is in the unfolding of the wings. You may not know where you are going, but you know that so long as you spread your wings, the winds will carry you.

Columnist: Akwah, Nana