The today’s woman

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Sun, 3 Dec 2017 Source: Suntaa Abudu Ibrahim

The woman of today before she goes out, she will spend a lot of time on making herself up, gearing all her efforts towards being a public beauty. The woman of today spend more time in the job of artificially beautifying herself with plastics, rubbers, paints much more than the time she spends on her children, she devotes the sensitive and greater portion of her time to “make ups” than the time she devotes for her children.

The woman of today spend more of her resources on these plastics “make ups” including hair, jewelries, nails, and more disgusting, artificial body parts. All this at the detriment of taking care of her children, children she gave birth to, her time is a conflict of interest between her being beautiful and the care of her children.

Come to think about it, “make ups” in reality do not beautify women!! in my professional opinion, it determines which stage a lady is, in terms of a wealth and civilization in this contemporary world (an illusion), this makes me wonder, what have “make ups” got to do with who a lady is? or maybe it does, at least it shows that the victim is a fake. In my personal opinion, I will say that, ladies using “make ups” are actually under colonial rule, the master says that ” you know what? You don’t look nice the way you are, rather be a fraud.

My dear ladies, makeups are deceptive, bear in mind that you cannot continue putting on these “make ups” for the rest of your live, what do you think will happen when you grow old and look at your pictures and your face and the difference is too much that you even doubt whether you are the one and this is what will start your depression.

Ladies of today will dress half naked with so many make ups snap pictures and post it on social media for the guys to like and comment, and when they get thousand likes or comments they are happy thinking that is progress but in truth, that is a distraction, because, these plastics indirectly pose you as object of sex. So much money is spent on making yourself up artificially and for what? To get attracted to men?

Any man with the code of manhood, who knows what a woman is, a real woman, my personal opinion tells me such man will not marry a lady who appear half naked on the streets, we tell ourselves that this is civilization when it is in fact, an abuse of woman, that every effort is made to make women appear naked with a hidden agenda of serving men. The today’s woman protect her jewelries, makeups or phones more than her pride, my definition of today’s woman is not about women that exist today but rather women that follows the technological trend of life in our society, some of our grandmothers and mothers never put on this so called makeups in their lives but honorable, people can testify that they look beautiful and they are still looking beautiful, as a woman you have to make the world see you as a mother of civilization but sometimes when you see a woman on the street you question yourself as to whether she is someone’s wife or a mother to some children, I mean responsible ones.

The today’s women value beauty more than good character. Women you are our mothers, ladies you are our wives and girls you are our sisters…. Women are wonderful, we love you all… may the good lord Bless You All.

Suntaa Abudu Ibrahim



Columnist: Suntaa Abudu Ibrahim