Ghanaians are Practicing Politics of Distraction

Fri, 16 Sep 2011 Source: Adofo, Rockson

I look on with utter dismay and regret the way Ghanaians are practicing politics in Ghana under the current NDC administration. President Mills either by fate or by the design of the devil has appointed some complete misfits to occupy ministerial positions. Apparently, he has appointed some of his ministers not on merit but by their loyalty to the NDC party and to him as a person. He seems to measure their loyalty in terms of how much their slimy motoring mouth can spew or churn out insults. Truly, Ghana politics has descended to the gutter level with the attendant infestation of vermin.

Where is an effective government run on radio by party faithful hopping from one radio station to another like aimless grasshoppers? The NDC government is spending an awful lot of taxpayers' money on their numerous radio spin-doctors. Many an NDC party faithful see that as an easy means of acquiring easy money. No wonder therefore that the NDC activists and their government Deputy Ministers have resorted to intimidation and insults to running Ghana. Again, we cannot run a successful nation on spin doctoring. President Mills has it all wrong if he thinks that his popularity and success are measurable in terms of how much his sly Deputy Ministers can spin-doctor or insult.

I feel sorry for President Mills who is completely incapable of controlling his novice Deputy Ministers. Much as he appears to decry the politics of insults that are not only gaining roots, but are ramifying under his administration, he has not had the balls to sack any of his foul-mouthed Deputy Ministers. He is masking the absolute incompetence and mediocrity of the NDC government by indirectly employing and encouraging the intellectually hollow-minded nation-wrecking radio hawks.

For how long will Ghanaians allow themselves to be distracted from the fact that the Atta Mills' government cannot make the head and tail of proper governance, by the NDC deftly engaging in permanent insults and personal attacks on some opposition members?

The NDC think that getting people to bombard the ears of Ghanaians with that daily nonsense of, "Nana Akuffo Addo-Dankwah smokes weed (wee)" will enhance their chances of winning elections 2012" They had rather base or bet their chance on how better they have delivered their promises than anything else. Whether Nana smoked, is smoking, or will smoke, "wee", he will be the President of Ghana come January 2013. Any attempt to rig the elections will see the rearing of that ugly face of, "All die be die". Hahahahahahahaaaaa!

My stomach churns on hearing radio phone-in serial callers phoning into FM radio stations to make their wild but unsubstantiated allegations against their political opponents. Will such intentional mudslinging buy them votes? They wish. NDC be serious and get off that high horse of aimlessness to do that very positive job for which you were elected to rule Ghana.

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson