The two GITMO expiration brouhaha

GITMO90 GITMO two - File Photo

Fri, 26 Jan 2018 Source: Dawda Eric

We were all in this country when the then opposition leader, Nana Akufo Addo brought some experts from south Africa to train his body guards in order for his "body guards to be well equipped with security intelligence and it related matters. The ruling government under the leadership of Mr John Mahama instructed the National security to effect the immediate arrest of the said people on grounds that, their stay in Ghana was going to pose a serious threat to our national security.

The Bureau Of National Investigators picked them in a form of a forceful arrest and detention. Lawyer Samuel Atta Akyea with his team of lawyers went to court to challenge the said unlawful arrest and detention of the said guys. The court inter alia, ruled that, the said arrest was unlawful and further ordered the immediate release of the guys but unfortunately for the court, their order was disrespected by the BNI. The next morning after the court order, the south African Nationals were deported by the national security even when a court of competent jurisdiction had ordered that, they should be released. If the decision of the national security was not a slap in the face of the law, then what exactly was that?

On 7th January,2016, the Republic of Ghana under the leadership of John Mahama accepted the" stay" of the two Dangerous Yamen who were detained in Guantamo Bay on a suspected involvment of *TERRORISM*. The NDC government through the foreign affairs minister, Ms Hannah Tetteh told Ghanaians that, their stay was for a specific period which was only for two years. We were also told that, when their stay in Ghana expires ,the government of Ghana by the TREATY agreement that was not sent to parliament for ratification as required in the 1992 constitution of Ghana under Article 75 clause 1,2,3, the government would have the opportunity to send them back to where they came from. Jusitifications to the effect that, they pose no security threat to our national security were given in addition. We were also told that, there wasnt any monetory consideration in respect of their acceptance to stay in Ghana.

Records of the Gitmo two is that, their involvement in high crimes like engagement in *TERRORISM* was the basis upon which they were sent to Guantano Bay where *DANGEROUS TERRORIST* are kept. NDC from the beginning of this controversy decided to hide certain things in the undisclosed treaty agreement for reasons best known to SHAMELESS John Mahama who was voted out of power by discerning Ghanaians who were fed up with his wicked and senseless governance that subjected citizens to wallow in the quagmire of hopelessness and abject penury.

Yesterday marked the expiration of their stay in Ghana of which any agreement towards their repatriation should have been made but guess what is unfolding. It has now emerged that, in the said treaty ,a plan of *integrated settlement* was reached between the then government and Barrack Obama. The said integrated settlement is indeed a permanent stay in this country contrary to the explanation that, they were only going to stay in Ghana for two years. That is the NDC government for you! One shocking discovery that has been made by this government is that, the then NDC government granted these dangerous detainees a refugee status as part of the integrated settlement agreement by the previous NDC government.

This morning I listened to Okudzeto Ablakwa who is a ranking member on foreign affairs committee of parliament in respect of the Gitmo two saga on peacefm with the "Kokrokoo" host, Kwame Sefa Kai. He averred that, the decision to bring those guys to Ghana was in the interest of our national security and because Kwame Sefa Kai is too smart to be tricked, he quickly asked Ablakwa to tell him the said interest. Ablakwa fumbled with an answer that, because of security reasons he will not disclose the said interest but directed the host to call the foreign affairs minister and the national security minister for the said disclosure. Dr Dominic Akutringa Ayine( Ex Deputy Attorney General) also disclosed to Joyfm this morning that, the Gitmo two were given a refugee status long ago by the NDC government and for that matter, he is even surprised it is now out in the public domain.

NDC under Mahama shortchanged Ghanaians in the said treaty. Because they have aleady been given refugee status to stay in Ghana as long as they like, Nana Akufo Addo government hands have been crippled to the extent that, there is no way they could be repatriated. My advise to this government is that, the powers the then government activated in granting the said unconstitutional refugee status, same should be used in revoking the said status to make their repatriation easier by law. NDC under Mahama was a curse to the Republic of Ghana.

Columnist: Dawda Eric