How honest is Anas?

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Wed, 8 Aug 2018 Source: Rex krampa

One may ask, what is corruption?

Objectively, corruption is redefining a system apart from the laws that govern it. If people redefine a system apart from its laws, they are corrupt.

But if they define a system in relation to its laws, they are honest. Anas is seeking after your honesty in these laws. But how honest is he to his own law, himself?

1. His motivation

The way we ought to function is found in the laws that govern us. Thus, anyone fighting corruption is very much concerned about us, (how we function), since we’re the reason for the establishment of the law.

Anas is driven by how we malfunction in this country (you’ll see it in his videos).

That’s what drives him time and time again to investigate corruption. He knows what a malfunction would eventually do to us: it would break us apart. This brokenness is what he’s fighting for each time he’s out there investigating corruption.

I have watched many of his interviews where he literally breaks down at how we are malfunctioning. No one would ever know how he feels for this country. Not even me.

2. His way

If we can’t feel what Anas feels about our malfunction, at least we know how he fights against it. By exposing men and women who are contributing to our malfunction, we come to grasp the law and how we function apart from it. I have come to acknowledge the law much more by seeing what we have become apart from it.

3. His dedication

First, is his motivation and then, is his way.

I don’t think any of this would have been possible without his dedication. Anas is truly dedicated to this particular cause of fighting against corruption. He would do anything to make sure he fights against it. But if we’re the drive to his fight(check point number 2), then he wouldn’t just do anything. Whatever he would do would have to conform to his drive. I think he has done just that. And that’s why I think he’s honest!

Columnist: Rex krampa
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