The world will change

Fri, 12 Jun 2020 Source: Daniel Owusu-Koranteng, Contributor

The pain and cries from the persistent cruelty against the black race through slavery to organised annihilation of people defined wrongly by heartless people as belonging to a subhuman race.

Not even innocent children who are without guilty minds were spared from the guillotines as women, men , the young and old were killed in the most gruesome manner across the globe .

Just when it seemed as if the voice of reason and compassion had been submerged in the accepted crime of systemic extermination of the black race , the feeble cry of “ I can’t breathe” from George Floyd , the dying victim of racism ,resurrects all the Ghosts that had been murdered in the over four hundred years of slavery and the systemic murder of blacks .

Then the ghostly voice of “ I can’t breathe “ resonates in the world and connects to all those who had suffered from the wrong notion that the world is divided into superhuman beings and subhuman beings crumbled overnight bringing hope that the world will surely change . Yes , no matter the years it takes , the world will change .

Daniel Owusu-Koranteng

General Secretary

Maritime and Dockworkers Union

Columnist: Daniel Owusu-Koranteng, Contributor