Opinions Tue, 26 Apr 2016

They call him Kwasi Pratt, the braggart.

Kwasi Pratt, the braggart has assumed a famous phony character in Ghana's journalism and punditry. Very controversial in the PNDC days, he stabilized in principles and journalistic decency during the NDC first years between 1992 and 2000. He was a huge fake after all. His hypocritical and two-faced character began to show during the Kufuor days. Listen to him in Radio Rwanda and Peace fm and his two faces will show. Presently, he is in the realm of mischief, fraudulence and viciousness. He sees and talks viciously about NPP divisionist acts and verbal slippages; to fit into his grand diabolical agenda to help keep NDC at central power at all costs without regard to their performance.

Three days ago on Radio Rwanda, he took NPP to task for making what he termed villainous and violent pronouncements and of course selected areas which suited him. He found space in his terrible submissions and brought in 'all die be die' (a comment which NPP Presidential candidate Akufo Ado has offered an apology) and equated it to a recent saying by Freddie Blay, the Ag. NPP Chairman that NPP can't guarantee peace in the event the 2016 elections are rigged and concluded that these comments could hurt NPP in the elections.

Pratt seems to demonstrate that he detests villainous and verbal slippages or provocative statements in politics. I ask him whether he heard Eric Opoku, the Brong Ahafo regional Minister utter violently that 'All Muslims who support NPP are fake". And also, since he is interested in linkages; when he will link Eric's comment to the pronouncement of Fiifi Kwetey , the good for nothing Transport Minister that 'No Muslim can ever be President of Ghana'?

I charge again on Pratt, whether he heard comments from NDC camp in Asante Region that they have cutlasses and other weapons of mass destruction ready to use to visit violence on NPP in the run-up to 2016 to silence them?

Also did Pratt get to know that President Mahama went to Akyemland and openly and provocatively proclaimed Akyemland to be headquarters of galamsey at the time that the Presidents backyard in Bole was galamsey-ridden? And whether he saw the President move to Asante region with a special pickup in his Presidential convoy, loaded with 1500 wattage sound systems to blast the song 'Yentiee Obiara'- just to taunt Asantes—especially to the extent that, the President never did same to any other region? Why only Asante Ragion?

Pratt again never hears threats directed vehemently at Akufo Ado personally and NPP generally by the NDC Deputy General secretary, the cholesterol-filled butterball Koku 'Akokofunu' Anyidoho who as well went to Asante Region to make provocative and incendiary pronouncements?

I have a serious problem with Pratt. He does selective condemnation. Pratt does not see the wrong things and verbal slippages from Mahama/NDC camp, who have social contract with the people and who are superintending over Ghana's greatest period of economic recklessness and dissipation of its resources and which has subjugated the citizens into nothingness and finally Pratt does not reckon the slippages could hurt NDC chances.

In the face of all these NDC- induced grave iniquities, Kwasi Pratt portrays NDC as angels and rather see the wrong things and verbal slippages from NPP who don't have any social contract with the people and he rather treacherously portray the latter as doomsters and that slippages from NPP could jeopardize their chances. Pratt knows who he is; a damnable 'noko fio man'. Pratt sounds provocative and damn irritating with this display of insincerity.

Oh sunset! where art thou, to set on this evil vermin and a treacherous windbag? They call him Kwasi Pratt the braggart.

Charles Agbenu

Columnist: Agbenu, Charles