They deserve better

Women Empowerment12d File photo of a woman

Fri, 12 Mar 2021 Source: Adjei Boakye

It begun from emotional mistreatment, and quite recently it ended up on verbal brutality. We were quiet about these issues up to this point. Many have been murdered emotionally. Some have chosen not to draw in themselves in any relationship.

Intimate partner violence, where women are consistently at the receiving end. Extremely stressing, right?

Women are the largest population group in Ghana, and they are known as the vulnerable in our society. They face all manner of abuse, from verbal to sexual abuse. They were not made for misuse sake...but they are here for a specific reason which leadership and entrepreneurship form's part. They are not punching bags..so we shouldn't regard them accordingly.

Women are not sex machine, or creation center for delivering of children. They were destined to lead and serve their people.

It's our obligation to empower them.

Dear Men, we should bow our head in disgrace. We have not treated them right...and they merit better. We should guide them, love them and urge them to accomplish more. We should allow them to feel that they are so imperative to us and the society.

This sort of barbaric and unwarranted abuse should reach an end and will ask one and all to meet up and battle against this predicament.

May God strengthen all women and guide them to fulfill their dreams.

I am with them!!!





Columnist: Adjei Boakye