Thick heads and light heads

Tue, 23 Feb 2016 Source: Kwasi Ansu-Kyeremeh

Some heads are thick while others are light. But there are just right heads who will wish Nana Addo-Dankwa Akufo-Addo well in his quest to be voted into being President of the Republic of Ghana.

And from what I see, it is the thick heads and the light heads who wish the gentleman will never be president. I am convinced such of the motherland are wishing in vain.

So far, I have counted one thick head, one light head and one thick and light head. They will carelessly say he is not fit to be president. Of course he who said that is fit to be that vulgar.

Less brain people share the characteristic of less smart people who are often vulgar.

A thick head just said Nana Akufo-Addo is not prepared to be president. None among his congresspeople since June 3, 1989, has been prepared to be president. None has, and has had, the knowledge, political experience and knowhow of the osono man.

It is all a Goebbelian trick: get the thick heads, light heads and even dunder ones to keep repeating he is not fit, not this, and not that and a gullible compatriot electorate will buy into it. I don’t know who is tasked to do the debunking in the osono camp.

But they should aggressively respond to expose all those who have been schooling on the job with our money because they took up positions they knew nothing about making things work.

I don’t know exactly the language and vocabulary in which they made those wild statements. But it would seem they are not completely clear about what is can, what is cannot, will not (unfit, they say not fit) and wish not. [‘not prepared’ My own reading is that they are basically talking wish not.

That would imply idle talk because wishes cannot be just ridden or idle talked because they neither horses to ride nor the right thinking speak

I know a prime minister down under who when a finance minister told the opposition leader he will never be prime minister.

The opposition leader dethroned the former finance minister prime minister. Then he went along to be the longest serving prime minister.

I bet the thick heads and light heads have never known anything like that. They are small read, close-minded and of a lot of ignorance.

. Pity is they who cannot appropriately measure when they should speak and what they should say or not say when they open their mouths to say something.

People wish, work and grab for themselves and perhaps their kin. Such people are more likely to be thick heads or light heads.

The thick heads know what they are doing to the rest of my compatriots with their thievery. Light heads are lured and hoodwinked into the thievery. They enjoy it, though, once immersed and would do everything to defend their thievery and that of the thick heads who have co-opted the light heads.

You cannot get too much loan, or too little development to break a thick barrier and enter into a thick head.

Light head, though, easily accommodates incompetence, deceit and mediocrity. Either through ignorance or gullibility, the light head is available to be preyed upon by the thick head.

Sad but true, the thick may be endowed with high intelligence or great talent. Rather than use that not just to personal benefit but to help with the common development effort, they lack the aptitude to rise beyond narrow personal and ethnocentric interests and use their giftedness to cheat and steal from the common purse.

Lucky us in the motherland; that is, those of us who are in for her good, her good and her good. Thick heads, light heads, all together are fewer than us. We are many; they are few. Try as they would, they would never derail the motherland agenda to be great; so great among the greatest of the greatest.

Great nations are built by minds and not necessarily heads. Minds are in heads.

The thickness or lightness of a head is more a function of the soundness of the mind in those heads. A lazy mind will give you a thick head or a light head. A sharp mind, on the other hand, will give you the right head.

With most of us of the right mind, and therefore, of the right head, there is always more than a chance that the less than constructive thick and light heads would yield to the right heads who would then fix the motherland towards goodness and prosperity.

So even when a combination of thick heads and light heads tear down what has been built before them there is still the chance right heads will return to rebuild.

Development made expensive by slow-down, right?

Columnist: Kwasi Ansu-Kyeremeh