Things Fall Apart, the NDC Propaganda Machine Cannot Hold

Mon, 3 Jun 2013 Source: Adofo, Rockson

Many a discerning Ghanaian has come to see the NDC in their true colours. They are mischievous, corrupt, liars and experts in tampering with election results through collusive rigging. As we speak, many are those that spurn them. Much as you spurn them, they court you. Oh, shameless folks!

With the recent unprecedented strikes in Ghana following from the abysmal performance of the Mahama/Arthur-Amissah-led NDC government, one could only conclude that the NDC propaganda machine is crumbling faster than the mind can imagine and the eye can see.

The NDC thought Ghanaians were forever going to stay fools, swallowing any untruths or half-truths churned out of their propaganda machine and hurled at them. Most Ghanaians have now grown wiser and are able to make informed decisions themselves.

The NDC people as usual think Ghanaians must count themselves blessed for being allowed to feed from the crumbs that fall off President Mahama's dining table. The NDC government's firm policy is to allow a few people within the party and government to get rich by embezzling as much money as they can. They will then enlist paid agents and assigns in the form of radio phone-in serial callers, comical Kpegahs and Amekudzis, to throw dust into people's eyes.

Former Supreme Court Justice Kpegah accuses Nana Akufo Addo of impersonation and probable murder. Lawyer Amekudzi files an amicus curiae (friend of the court) application seeking that the court throws out the petition which he deems is in bad faith. The Constitution does not allow for suing a sitting president for any reason but the petitioners in this case have, he purports. Sick as he is, he forgets that the same Constitution makes a provision for challenging the President in court if he is seen to have rigged the election or profited from rigged election. What about the Mornahs that are praying the court to nullify the biometric verification and declare it illegal? Are these people wise at all, one may ask? Are they intentions in good faith? No!

The actions of these two lawyers are part of the grand scheme to delay the court process but they will not have their way. Why would they want to delay the case if the elections were free, fair and transparent as alleged by the NDC and the Electoral Commission? Why will they want to do this if President Mahama did win the election genuinely?

The NDC government maliciously connives with individuals and companies of dubious characters and intentions to deplete the nation's coffers through what is dishing out of money in a fictitious manner called Judgment Debt Payment, raring of guinea fowls (nkomfem), planting of trees etc.

Ghana is experiencing an acute shortage of electricity supply culminating in unprecedented power rationing (load shedding) called "Dumsor Dumsor". Markets are burning under inexplicable circumstances with people dying at a rate never known or witnessed in the history of Ghana.

Mahama's administration is jinxed as long as they remain extremely corrupt, lawless, incompetent, and mediocre and bastardised (climb). Who wants such a "stealer" administration in Ghana, except the clueless NDC thieves and their wicked unpatriotic sympathisers?

Do you not see that with all the abominable ongoing signs around you, the NDC propaganda machinery is squeaking and screeching to a halt with some parts breaking and falling off?

Truly, things are falling apart and the centre cannot hold. President Mahama will fall, and heavy will his fall be, God willing.

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson