Things fall apart in sissala east constituency.

Wed, 21 Aug 2013 Source: Ali, Justice

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The leadership of young democrats wish to take this opportunity to thank all our hardworking campaign teams, the numerous supporters of NDC across the length and breadth of the constituency, the country and the entire Ghanaian population at large. As a matter of fact, no single person won the election for the NDC. It was the efforts of large majority of Ghanaians, led by party executives and MPS. NDC wouldn’t have maintained power if not for your hard work and support.

In fact, it will be a profanity if the efforts of millions of people who campaigned for the NDC go unnoticed, unrecognized and unappreciated just as it would be abominable if we young democrats should sit and fold our hands and watch whiles events which are injurious to the health of the party and constituency at large unfold at our doorsteps. As one may anticipate, the battle for constituency executives positions is approaching for the constituency to groom people who are self motivated with unceasing desire for excellence coupled with quest for knowledge and pride in success to render competent and dedicated service for development. It is important to note that, the development of our constituency has been in a limbo especially since 2008 due to high level of non patriotism . And it is high time we Young Democrats at the upcoming elections corrected this phenomenon of putting square pegs in round holes to ensure that our constituency does not lag behind development-wise.

We must therefore not allow few individuals in the constituency to relegate the party to unbearable one. Those individuals that Hon. Sulemana Alijata Gbentie induced to conduct polling station executives election instead of the constituency executive must be told in a clear language that it is not their duty to do so. If one may ask them what capacity or authority do they have to conduct polling station executives election? Their action and inactions are uncalled for and must be condemned intoto. This is a sign of immaturity and an incompetent attitude and must be stopped. Could it be that she wants to be retained without proving to the polling station executives that is why she wants people who are loyal to her course to be elected as executives. If Hon. Sulemana Alijata Gbentie really wants to be retained as our parliamentary candidate she should work and prove wet and stop this kind of immaturity and illegal game. In fact, if Hon. Sulemani Alijata Gbentie and those she induced don’t respect the constituency party chairman and the executives but they should at least show respect to the position of chairmanship. The regional executives of the party must also be blamed for pampering Hon. Alijata. They have indeed done very little as party leaders in the region to unify the party in sissala east. Mention must also be made that, almost all those following Hon. Alijata were not part of the NDC during our opposition days and for that matter, they have no moral rights to decide who campaigned for the party in 2012. In fact, Hon. Alijata who has enjoyed the support of selfish regional executives to relegate many true die heart members to the background, was heavily pregnant and as such didn’t do anything extra ordinary in 2008 to deserve the kind of benefits she has enjoyed so far.

We call on the party chairman and constituency executives to strongly respond to their action and inaction.

Written by: The Director of communications of Young Democrats: Mr. Justice Ali

Columnist: Ali, Justice