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This Waec Annual "Nonsense" Must Stop

In the face of glaring incompetence bedevelling state institutions, it's sad to recount another Waec examination leakege, a phenomenon which has become the hallmark of West African examination council .

The various institutions upon which the country's development and advancement is supposed to be anchored to stimulate both economic and human development have become an embodiment of failure reeling with corrupt practises.

The Electricity Company of Ghana, Volta River Authority, the state universities, the PURC, the so called autonomous health facilities, state owned banks and several others are undeniably reeking with unpardonable Ineptitude.

The worse among these institutions is the law making body of this country, Ghana's parliament as an institution which is supposed to be the most vibrant and active body has become a pathetic one barely reduced to doing mere gullible and infantile partisan politicking.

Obsession with partisan politics has eaten deep into the intellectual faculty of our leaders with the borrowed prefix "Honourable" to the extent that issues of key national interest are pushed to the periphery.

The serious problem affecting Ghana's development at the moment is institutional failure.

Many have argued that, the reluctance of leadership both past and present to crack the whip on institutions which flout administrative procedures and processes with impunity have led us to the current sad development.

Waec as a regulatory and supervisory body mandated by law to organise examination and award credible certificate to deserving candidates in the sub region has become a horn of corruption and embodiment of failure forcing many people to loose confidence in the examination board.

The problem is quiet intriguing, every year examination questions do leak to the public before the papers are written and the perpetrators go unpunished.

Let me do some logical analysis here..Before the papers are written, all the examination questions are supposed to be kept at the custody of waec so what actually accounted for this unprecedented leakage to the extent that corn and groundnuts sellers use it wrap their items.

My suspicion is just simple, l think there are certain individuals within the body who have set up this multi dollar business called " examination leakage enterprise" This cunning but lucrative business is much cherished by those persons pursuing this course than the educational welfare of candidates hence they operate with impunity.

This act of barbarism and trivial conducts on the part of people mandated to carry sensitive task of this kind have been threading with impunity over years without consequences, a situation which motivates further engagement.

But whom do we blame, l don't think pointing accusations fingers at the leadership of Waec is enough to end this educational insurgency but rather tougher punitive sanctions to be lowered to culprits to deter further engagement to save students and parents from the tangiums of this annual examination victimisation.

Currently the waec has become a limping institution, crawling on it's belly devoid of any credibility and the state must take the blame for its failure to reprimand the embattled examination council.

Now the situation has given birth to impunity disturbingly from the junior high level. Five subjects have been cancelled by waec as a results of leakage leaving over four hundred thousand pupils stranded and confused. The trauma and mental stress prospective candidates go through annually because of waec's incompetence and corrupt behaviour cannot be compensated.

I hope this year, the examination regulatory body will not be spared at all....l expect the government through the ministry of education and the waec external body to open an extensive investigations into this leakage. People occupying various positions should be made to resign temporary pending investigations.

The citizenry should capitalis on this massive leakege to seek legal redress for the harm caused.

Every year students suffer one form of examination paper cancellation or the other due to the quest of certain corrupt generals masquerading as waec officials selling questions papers to their prospective buyers. These bunch of thieves continue to reign because no body is willing to take them on for active investigations and sadly the states attitude towards this educational crime is that of indifference.

The image and the credibility of Ghanaian certificates continue to suffer reputational crises at the international front.

This act of thievery l'm sure is replicated at the higher level, an assertion which goes to give credence to the fact that at the universities examination marks are awarded to people who are ready to offer their body and cash to lectures, no wonder many experts have expressed worried about the sort of graduates coming out from schools.

The universities are indeed churning out half baked and empty headed intellectuals and it's no surprise that various enterprises and firms are not prepared to absorb them into the job market but rather prefer to retain the old brains most of which have outlived their academic usefulness, a situation which has massively contributed to the downtrend development and growth of the economy.

Lawlessness seems to have been institutionalised in this country where everyone threads with disdain and impunity.

Many schools are in operation in Ghana without proper accreditations and no one cares to complain. Degree certificates are awarded to students which are not based on merit. Indeed corruption has choked every farcet of our educational system.

Waec, persons or groups or institutions involved in this shameful and despicable incidents must be made to pay the price this time.....all eyes are Watching

The Bible is my witness.

From: Ivan Kyei Innocent /nanakyei81@gmail.com /0206262717.

Columnist: Innocent, Ivan Kyei